Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My list form- Part 1

    So as mentioned. I LOVE buying games. I love playing games, I love trying new games...I have no follow through.
Having entirely too much time on my hands I decided to jot down games I need to actually start and games I need to finish...this brought me to a conclusion...I suck!

    So, due to the INSANE amount of PSP and DS games I own, I'm not including any handheld games in this list because I'd be here typing ALL day and night.
Consoles included are PS2, Gamecube, Xbox, Wii and Xbox360, with a few PC games thrown in.
   I did omit certain types of games such as:
    Most fighting games, since I feel you never actually "finish" those even if you unlock everything (If  I did count them then I'd have to include:

Soul Calibur 3 and 4, since I didn't finish Chronicles of the Sword or that damn Tower..

Naruto Clash of Ninja 2, I started the story mode and had gotten pretty far til my kids overwrote my save and I didn't feel like catching up again.

Naruto Ultimate Ninja, though I haven't even touched it yet, again, its one of those, you finish but you don't type games.

   Another Type I'm not including  are Karaoke Games and certain music games such as:

American Idol
1 &2, even though I've unlocked everything and gotten diamond on all the songs, its just something we still play often.

Singstar 80's, 90's and Pop. Again, its a game that never ends

Donkey Konga
   So after listing those exclusions here is my very long shame list.
. I will not include Arcade and Indie Games.

       I'll start with:
Mirrors Edge- Not sure why I haven't played this, I even got the DLC but still it collects dust.

Devil May Cry 4- I got as far as the final boss but I just hated the game so much I couldn't be arsed to finish, I went off to play better things.

Call of Duty 4- One word : Chernobyl. One more word Sucks.

Modern Warfare 2- Don't wanna play it til I finish the first one

Gears of War- I've started it many times, alone and with my husband, but never get very far.

Gears of War 2-  Same as Modern Warfare, can't start if I haven't finish the first one.

Stranglehold- I think I enjoy shooting crotches way too much. Not sure why I put it down.

Ninja Gaiden 2- Haven't gotten through the first one.

Onechanbara- Just got this recently so, I don't feel too guilty about not playing it yet.

Infinite Undiscovery-
Just bought this so its kinda low on the priority list

Last Remnant- Same as with Infinite Undiscovery.  They were really cheap and I had credit at Amazon...couldnt't resist.
Ninety Nine Nights- Just got this a week ago and gave it a whirl, This is a game I think I'll be coming back to a lot between other games

Eternal Sonata- Wanted this game for so that I got it...I'm too busy with other games to start it.

Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2- I guess the first one doesn't really go here, I've finished it numerous times on the PS2 and I finished it in co-op with my husband. Unfortunately it was with another Gamertag so I need to replay it again.  The second one..well I gave my feelings on that one on here a while back.

Left 4 Dead 1 and 2- I got these mostly for my husband (I'm not that big a fan of zombies) but they've peaked my interest.

Burnout Paradise- it was for my son but damn that game is fun, so I dabble once in a while

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion- Almost 300hrs, 2 characters and I'm STILL not even halfway through the main story line..give me the freedom to run around and I spend my time watching sunrises and sunsets from the Jerall Mountains a lot. I have it for the PC too and I've REALLY made no progress on it...too busy making progress on the mod quests.

Dead Space- I need someone to come and hold my hand so I don't get ascairt...

Lost Odyssey- Damn Bogemoray or however you spell the damn frustrated and quit. I hope to get back to it again one of these days.

Fable 2- kinda doesn't belong here since I finished the main story, I just haven't finished the DLC.

Mass Effect 1 and 2- Started  1 not too long ago so it'll be a while before I get to 2.

The Darkness- Don't know why I never finished this game. I thought it was awesome....well except for those little side trips to hell.

Kameo: Elements of Power- Controls. I don't know, maybe I'm too old a dog to learn new tricks but I have such a hard time getting used to the controls. Then again, I don't think I put that much effort into it.

Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom- I hate Leinhart and don't get how the hell what I'm doing in the game has to do with the dream sequences, just too shitty a story to engage me.

Flatout Ultimate Carnage- Another game primarily for my husband, but I gotta admit...I really like crashing and seeing people get ejected.

Cars- Its cute and it amuses my son, so, I let him play it instead.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed- another game I have finished on another console, in this case I finished the  PSP version quite a few times. but I really need to get back to this and all the DLC.

The Orange Box- Finally played it but I'm too dumb for Portal, wasn't realy feeling Half Life 2 and have yet to play Team Fortress

Dead Rising- game for hubby, who never plays it. I'm thinking of giving it a go.

Prey- Have this one for PC and 360 and haven't touched either, not sure why.

Dynasty Warriors 6- Well technically I DID finish this since I played all the Musous and unlocked everyone but I have yet to get Red Hare or level everyone up to 50.

Tomorrow I'll add Xbox and Wii Games to the list

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