Thursday, March 11, 2010

My list form- Part 2

    Ok, now that I've bragged about my son some more, I will continue posting about my horrible habit of buying games and not playing them.
    So, what console was I doing today? Right, I remember now.... Xbox, Gamecube, and Wii, because I don't own enough games for any of them to warrant its own post.


Indigo Prophecy-  Just bought this recently so it doesn't really belong on the shame pile yet. Basically I bought it out of sheer curiousity. Apparently this is the game no one can describe. Seriously, I've read about it, asked about it and all I've gathered is "weird" "QTEs" and "good". 

Fable- Long ago I bought Fable and tried it. Wasn't really doing much for me, but  I had heard good things so I kept going. One night while trying to get a little bonus for my Hobbe killings my husband walked into the room, looked at the screen and said "What the hell are you playing? Why are you playing as a naked teenage boy in Union Jack underwear, perv?" Yeah, ummm...I turned it off and haven't touched it since. Loved Fable 2  but the first one, not so much.

Jade Empire- It was on sale...sounded good...added it to the pile.

Morrowind-  Loved Oblivion, heard how awesome Morrowind was, so I bought it. Then I bough it for the PC and there they both sit.

Dreamfall- Seemed interesting from what I read and the videos I watched so I searched high and low til I found it but by the time I got it, I  had a stack taller than me to get through and I added it to the pile.

KotOR 1 and 2- Like Star Wars, like RPGs, heard they were good. Bought em. Started the first one and I just couldn't seem to get used to press button once and hope you survive. I'll probably pick em back up one of these ages.

Ninja Gaiden Black- So it took me a while to figure out how to jump where I wanted to get instead of the opposite direction. (laugh if you want I didn't get the hang of the "chameleon stall" back and forth jumping in PoP: SoT til almost the end of the game). Once I was actually having Ryu doing what I wanted him to I was having a pretty good time...Til I ran into Conan-Sama the Japanese Barbarian and his nunchuks....Damn, Ryu got his back broken so many times I need Ben-Gay. Gave up, moved on.

Genma Onimusha- Highly recommended to me by quite a few people. Found it for $3.99 and figured...well, why not.


Luigi's Mansion- One of the first few games I got for the Gamecube. One of the first dissapointments I got with the Gamecube. Could not get into the damn thing. Not even my kids will touch the damn thing.

Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones- Loved SoT and WW. Really I attribute my obsession with games now to those 2 games. It was a no brainer to buy the final act of the trilogy (well, apparently no longer a trilogy but we're talking about then, not now). Never could get into it. The Dark Prince while funny was a pain in the ass because of the whole sand running down stuff. Not to mention that in WW I had chosen to kill the Empress of Time, meaning that the third game basically told me "HEY STUPID, WRONG ANSWER!!!! Farah though no longer a liability was an obnoxious "tough girl" cliche. The game tried so hard to capture the magic of the first one with the kickass bad-assery of the second one and just fell flat.

The Legend of Zelda....all of them- I have not finished them for various reasons. Four Swords- I just got busy with other game and set it aside, its cute but on the easy side of the spectrum. Wind Waker- I HATE HATE HATE HATE Chibi Cel-shaded Link with a passion. I hate the sailing and the flute is a piss poor replacement for the Ocarina.  Twilight Princess- Like most Zelda fans I waited YEARS for this damn game. When I finally got it, it was a let down. A pale rip-off of Ocarina of Time full of empty plains and boring characters. Being a wolf was fun for about 5 minutes. So there it now sits, gathering dust.

Resident Evil 4- Leon is Hot, graphics are wonderful, never been much into RE so its very low on the priority list.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles- I just bought this recently and I'm actually looking forward to it, considering getting the GBA version so my kids can play with me.


Soul Calibur Legends- I don't care what other say, this game is fun. Well, it was fun til I got to the Fat Guy/Hyper Girl tag-team boss battle and got my ass handed to me. Almost pulled a muscle, died a billion times, decided to put it away.

Super Mario Galaxy- I know I know, its supposed to be AWESOME. Did nothing for me. I was bored. Recently I tried to give it another go but for some reason, my brand new disk refused to work. I refuse to replace it.

No More Heroes- Basically I haven't finished because I often forget the Wii exists.

Nights Journey of Dreams- Bought it...haven't touched it, probably never will.

So that's it for this installment of "I suck and have no follow through." Tomorrow I will tackle the longest list, my LONG neglected PS2. Believe me, that is a really long list.


James Henderson said...

Considering how much attention Heavy Rain's getting, it's a wonder you didn't take some time to finish the precursor.

Honestly though, while it's not as streamlined, a bit clunkier, and way more scripted than Heavy Rain (and the QTEs aren't as good), it's actually a pretty quick game and you'll be done with it in a good 8-9 hours I'd say. I can't actually remember how long my first playthrough took me to be honest, but it's probably like nothing you've ever played before, and it's at least worth a go.

I can't say much about the rest of the list outside of KotOR, which admittedly I haven't finished myself, but out of what I have played of it, I did enjoy it, but when I started on one laptop, lost my save, started again on Laptop #2, then lost the second save due to upgrading from Vista to 7, I don't know if I have the heart to start it again.

Sihaya said...

I just bought Indigo Prophecy not that long ago and by the time it came in I was firmly in a threesome with Bayonetta, Dragon Age and Fallout. But I do want to play it. I hope to get a PS3 sometime this year and Heavy Rain, so I do want to get through this one before then.

Another problem with KotOR is that BC for Xbox game sis kind of spotty and it randomly freezes, which is annoying as hell.
Morrowind is actually the worst one for freeze, so infuriating.

James Henderson said...

Well, at least they're both single-player games so you won't miss anything once the Live support for Original XBox games finally expires.

Heavy Rain's definitely worth playing though, definitely one of the freshest games I've played in a long time. I'm not sure if it's worth getting a PS3 over, but then again I'm sure other things like LittleBigPlanet and Uncharted 2 will make it somewhat justifiable. ModNation Racers should be out in a few months as well so there's plenty of fun for the kids in it as well.