Friday, March 12, 2010

My list form- Part 3

So, here I am with what feels like the 8,999th (not OVER 9000!!!! yet) cold. Losing my voice, feel like something is crushing my chest, throat like sandpaper (sexy huh?). dedication to posting my shame knows no bounds so I will complete my almighty list today in between bites of Yakisoba and swigs of Green Tea.

So today I will tackle the longest and most embarrassing list. Most embarrassing not only due to length but because a lot of the games on it should have been played long ago by any gamer worth their salt. So here we go...


Persona 3 FES- Looked interesting, everyone raved about it, so I found it on sale and bought it about 3 months ago, don't know when I'll get to it since I almost fell asleep playing the first Persona (both the original PS1 version and the new PSP version)

Beyond Good & Evil- Heard a lot of good things about this and when there happened to be a copy at Gamestop I picked it up.

Dragon Quest VIII- Currently playing DQ5 and really like it so for $10 I decided to just pick this up for future play.

Xenosaga 1 & 2- Still looking to find 3 at a reasonable price. These games get talked about so damn much that I picked them up just because, once I find the third one, I might actually start the first one. (I hate not having all the games to a series)

Star Ocean Til The End of Time- Played through the 2 PSP Star Ocean games and likd them well enough (liked 1 more than 2) So, $6.99 at  Blockbuster and now I have another Star Ocean game to play someday.

Genji: Dawn of the Samurai- While randomly reading up on games at Gamespot I came across this one and it peaked my interest. After seeing the Unskippable of the latest Genji game, I figured this will either be really good or just as horrible and either way it will offer amusement. 

X-men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse- I'll be honest, I'll probably never play this. When I bought it I fully intended to and I did put it in as soon as I got home with it. Problem was, I had just come off playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance. After that, this game couldn't come close, so I put it away to gather dust for eternity.

Fullmetal Alchemist Curse of the Crimson Elixir- I love, I mean, LOVE FMA. I've watched the series I don't know how many times. I wear the Flamel pendant almost all the time, and I'm angling to buy the pocket watch so I can pretend to be a "dog of the military". I've even tried to convince my husband that he'd mae a perfect Roy Mustang and I could be Riza Hawkeye (he just won't bite...I've almost got him sold on my Naruto Cosplay Idea though...He'll be Itachi, Our son will be Sasuke, my girls will be Sakura and Ten Ten and I'll be either Tsunade or Kurenai). Problem with this game is, its ridiculously easy. Not even the amusing dialogue could hold my interest because it was like a super stripped down version of the anime.

Samurai Warriors- I really dig the Dynasty Warriors series and a lot of people recommended Samurai warriors because they said it was pretty much the same except with Japanese Historical figures. Yeah....No. I don't know why but it just didn't have that "magic" that the DW and Warriors Orochi games have for me.
Speaking of....

Dynasty Warriors 4, 5 and 5 XL- I've played each for a while, I just haven't finished all the Musou Modes, but to me DW games are something I pop in when I don't want to think too hard.

Yakuza 1 & 2- I had my eye on Yakuza since before it was decided to bring it over seas. I bought both games on release day and I played Yakuza to about 90% completion. My husband thought the game looked interesting so he started playing it to. Since he rarely games I deferred to him. He finished the first one before me and since I had watched him play it through, It kind of took away my desire to finish it, I mean, I know how it ends. When I bought Yakuza 2 I was engaged in quite a few other games so I temporarily set it aside and my husband picked it up. Watched him play yet again and the same thing. I just feel like "well, I already know what happens, I've already seen this." but at the same time, they just have such an interesting story and I love Kazuma so, maybe I'll try to block out what I know and try playing them again.

Final Fantasy Dirge of Cerberus, FFX, FFX-2, FF12- I wish I felt guiltier about not finishing these but... 
I'll start with DoC: I dig Vincent, so this game was something I HAD to get. It could have been really good, it wasn't. The controls and camera are kind of shit and I quickly lost interest in Vincent's emo brooding and incomprehensible story. A little emo brooding is hot, too much well, I just wanna hand him a loaded gun and be him to play Russian Roulette.

FFX: When I started this game I really liked it. I quickly became interested in Tidus, Auron, and Lulu (what can I say, her outfit is fabulous) Blitzball I could have lived without. However this was one of my first experiences not only with FF games but with Jrpgs in general, so I managed to get myself royally screwed by saving at an awkward place. The only way out of it is to start over, and at that time, I thought 10hours in was a lot so I didn't start over and just set it aside (HA 10hours!!!! now that's nothing to me) 
FFX-2- Haven't even opened it. I bought it when I tarted playing X, I was really digging X and figured I'd probably finish it and go right into X-2. Due to the above reasons that never happened and considering so many people think this game sucks, maybe its not that big a deal that I haven't played it.

FF12- Balthier is hot, Fran is totally workin' those ears. The graphics are stunning. The first time I put it in I was slack jawed just admiring how gorgeous everything looked. Then I started playing, then I started fighting. Then I got bored AND confused. Then I went and played REvenant Wings on the DS and finished that instead.

The Bouncer- Honestly, I bought this game as a joke. I watched Unskippable when they mocked this game and it cracked me up, hard. Especially the part about the main character looking like a slightly more grown up version of Sora from KH. So, I might play it, I might not, no big loss.

Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2- Well, they are really cute games....I enjoyed what I played of 2 over what I played of 1, also, I prefer Roxas to Sora. I just can't play them very long, they give me cavities.

Castlevania Lament of Innocence and Curse of Darkness- ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZ. Thats pretty much all I have to say about these games. I love the handheld CV games, I even like the N64 one, but these 2 games bored the hell out of me. The Hotness of Hector in the second one couldn't keep me from running around in bored circles down corridors that looked exactly the same.

Lego Star Wars 1 & 2- Cute games, my kids love them, especially my son. I just couldn't get into them. I consider them more "the kids games" than mine these days.

Okami- Beautiful game, I mean, breathtaking. Totally dig being a wolf (much more than being Link the wolf) however, I did run into a few snags to my enjoyment. The jibberish., I really can't stand playing a game where they speak in babble (I don't mean a foreign language, I mean things that sound like a room full of babies), probably why I also hate the Sims. Second was that after a while the fights just got really dull. And probably the main reason I stopped: the PS2 slim in my bedroom stopped reading the disk. The one in the living room is an old fat PS2 and it plays it no problem but since I play mostly in my room, It kinda bummed me out and I stopped playing.

Ico and Shadow of the Colossus- Everyone talked about Ico like it was this amazingly great game. Oh the touching relationship between Ico and Yorda, how this game rivaled LoZ. So, when it happened to be at my local Gamestop for about $15 I picked it up feeling gleeful and came straight home to play it. Yeah.... Yorda... Never have I wanted to rip a game character to itty bitty bits as much as I do her. She was absolutely useless, bogged me down and pissed me off....also...a stick? REALLY?! All I get is a damn stick? AND I have to make sure that dumb bitch doesn't get taken by the insane amount of shadow creatures that keep appearing.  ahhh, NO. 
Thanks to the horror that is Ico, I never bothered to actually play Shadow of the Colossus, hell, I don't even know why I bought it. However, after finding out the whole story to SoC, suddenly, its looking a lot more attractive and I'm thinking I'll sit down to play it one of these days.
Resident Evil Outbreak & Code Veronica- Bought them mostly for my husband, he never plays them. As I've mentioned before, Zombies are not really my thing, so no surprise I haven't played these. I shouldn't even have bothered to include them, I mean, hell I don't include the GTA games I own because NO ONE in the house is even remotely interested in playing them. 

Technic Beat.- I thought it looked really cute so I bought it for my daughter. She didn't really care for it and I ended up playing it and finding it surprisingly fun and challenging. Too challenging...I'm an idiot and can't seem to get very far in it. 

So, finally, the list is done....
Again, this doesn't include my older consoles or handhelds...I'd be here all year typing.
Obviously I get just as much of a thrill from collecting games as I do playing them. Maybe more so. Will I ever play all these games? who knows....I wonder how long it would take me to get through these lists if I actually committed myself to playing the games one after the other until I finished them all? hmmmm.

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Jim said...

Persona 3 - you have to invest some time in that game but it can be fun.

Xenosaga games are nice if you are an RPGer and they have interesting stories.

I had to get DoC and agree that it had potential and could have really good but was just barely mediocre.

FF-X was pretty good mostly because of Tidus and Yuna and blitzball. but then I love all Final Fantasy and liked FF X-2 also.

I thought Yuna deserved a makeover.

FF XII was a heap of fun and I can't wait to start XIII.

If you ever see Oni the lead character Konoko reminds me of Motoko from Ghost in the Shell.

it is a futuristic shooter with a huge world and is a lot of fun.