Monday, October 24, 2011

What I haven't done Part 2

Continuing from my post the other day...
So, I've pretty much covered Xbox 360 games except for the games I've omitted for the previous stated reasons: Fighting, Music, Racing, games that dont have an actual "end".
My Original posts did not cover XBLA or XBIG because at the time I really didnt have any games to speak of, therefore I wont bother starring new additions unless they are XBOX Originals I've added. I've since filled up my HDD with tons of games that I have not played for numerous reasons, main reason for many of them...Kids. My kids do love their XBLA and XBIG games.


'Splosion Man- I'm not gonna even try to lie my way out of this one. I. SUCK. AT. PLATFORMERS. (seeing a trend? bad at stealth, bad at strategy, bad at platforming. I'm a terrible gamer, but man I love games)

Aegis Wing- I have no idea if this game has an end. I cant even finish the first level.

Arkadian Warriors- Always searching for a "Norrath-like" co-op experience, I thought this dungeon crawler would be fun. I thought wrong. I've given it numerous goes and it just does nothing for me but annoy me.

Castle Crashers- This is my families "go-to" Co-op game. However we never seem to progress, we always end up doing the same few levels and then quitting and moving on to something else.  (even funnier is that this game will be making an appearance on my PS3 list as well)

Castlevania Harmony of Despair- One of my BIGGEST moments of "Buyer's Remorse". When it was announced I was overjoyed...I love me some Castlevania. Seriously, LOVE it. I can't decide who is cuter, Alucard, Soma, Juste or Jonathan....maybe Hector, though his hotness couldn't save that game (but thats another story.) So back to Castlevania HD. I bought it the moment it released, didnt bother with a demo, its Castlevania, I know the drill and this is co-op Castlevania! I can share with my kids!
Because there is no couch Co-op, only online Which is just stupid and infuriating. But, I sucked it up and decided to give it a try. I need a magnifying glass to find my character half the time and the loot is pretty much non-existant. I never made it past the first stage. I never really tried to get past the first stage. I wrote it off as "my fault for being an idiot and not trying the demo"
now, its out on PSN with Couch Co-op and I wonder...should I blow another $15 on it or just write it off as a total loss and forget it exists?

Castlevania Symphony of the night- I adore this game, and while it might not be complete here, I have completed it 6 times on my PSP, which makes me slightly less motivated to finish it again. So, here it will sit unfinished forever.

Chime- I confess, I only played it once. I found it pretty fun though I had no earthly idea what I was doing. Like many games of its kind, it just falls through the cracks of games I need to play.

Comic Jumper- I saw this and thought it looked cute, figured maybe my son would like it. I was right, he really likes the game but for some reason, he has a hard time with it. (This amazes me because we just got to level 36 of Horde in Gears 3 yet he cant seem to shoot a goofy helicopter outta the sky). My son asked me to help him with the first boss fight and I did and found that it was really fun. So I ended up playing it til the wee hours. I haven't had a chance to go back to it, but it is definitely one I'll be making time for soon. I want to finish it.

Costume Quest- Kid purchase. They keep trying to get me to play it. I dunno, maybe one of these days.

Fable 2 Pub Games- Like everyone else that owns this turd, I got it free with my Pre-order of Fable 2 and played it only to get some loot for Fable 2 and then forgot it existed because it was awful.

Hard Core Uprising- Someday we will make it past level one!!! As You've read a billion times, I came into gaming very late in life. While I've haad consoles my whole life. I never really cared. So all those old punishingly hard and awesome games everyone else played...I missed out on them and I don't have the skills for throwback type games. Seems fun but, I have a tough time with it.

Limbo- Creepy, depressing, and difficult,and after a while, the many deaths of flashlight eyed boy became hilarious. I stopped trying to get any further and just kept finding creative ways to bite it. Yeah, I dont get all that "awesome indie, deep, makes you think artsy" crap. Its ok. Probably never finish

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light- While I can't give a tiny rats ass about the weak ass story. The game is pretty fun. (for the record, I've never played a Tomb Raider game and feel no kind of brand loyalty. I do look forward to getting back to this

Ms. splosion Man- Vastly superior to 'Splosion man, its also much harder. So while I like it, I'm not sure I'll ever get to the end. 

Outland- Love the art in this, its beautiful. The story...yeah, no. the platforming...much death. who know, I might try it again.

Pac-man Championship Edition DX- Not gonna lie, it was on sale and its Pac-man on acid. So I bought it. and there it is, cause I suck at regular pacman so this isnt gonna fare much better

Plants Vs Zombies- Everyone was always talking about it, so I bought it to see what all the hoopla was about  (there's a word not used enough, Hoopla) I think everyone else in my house has played this except me. While it looks cute and all that. I dont get why its so popular.

Prince of Persia Classic- It looked pretty. Yeah. That's why I bought it, because I have NEVER been able to get through the Original Prince of Persia, ever.

Rez HD- I played the demo ages ago and I loved it. So...strange and trippy. Finally I bought it last month I think. Its a game I seem to play here and there between disc changes. Even still, I think it was money well spent.

Shadow Complex- This was highly recommended to me because of my Castlevania love. Oddly enough, from what  I've played of it and what the main character looks like, it makes me think of a 2D side scrolling Uncharted. The day I bought it I got caught up in other stuff and ended up finally shutting it off after having it paused for 3 hours. This week I tried to play it again and got caught up in things and finally shut it off after 3 hours of being paused. Trend?

Trouble Witches Neo- COMPLETED

The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai- I've died...a lot......A LOT. Also, no idea wth is going on. But I do find it fun, I just forget about it.

The Dishwasher Vampire Smile- I have a strange condition that requires I get all sequels and DLCs to that's why this game is in my collection.

The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom- The demo was fun. It was on sale, I bought it and...the novelty wore off very quickly.

Undertow- Long ago, Xbox went down and this was what they gave gamers to make up for it. Tried it, its ok. Free is free and there it sits.

Zombie Apocalypse- Played the demo, liked it, bought the game, never played it

ilomilo- OMG its so adorably cute!!! I played long enough to unlock the Ilo and Milo props for my avatar and then quit. I should finish that someday.


Akane the Kunoichi- Surprisingly fun for $1, Its a Mario-esque type platformer with some interesting gameplay. I think I'm only on the second stage currently. again, its a game I play between games.

Amniotic- I dont. I dont even knowwhy I bought this. Why did I buy this?

Arkedo series 02 Swap- umm...I think I vaguely remember this one, maybe? Did I actually buy this too?

Avatar Legends- Just got this recently and tried it the other night. Cute, though after playing for a while I still couldnt form a coherent opinion one way or another on whether I like it or not.

Breath of Death VII- Bought it, never tried it. Apparently I just like throwing money at Microsoft.

I Maed a Gam3 W1th Zomb1es  1nit!!1!- Has anyone NOT played this? it was a buck, pretty fun and the song gets stuck in your head for like forever. Basically its a requirement to have this game, so I have this game

Ninja Bros- Tried the demo, seemed pretty fun, in an old school platforming kinda way. Once I bought it though, I promptly ignored it.

Techno Kitten Adventure- I can't begin to describe this. I tried the demo, its silly and the controls consist of pressing 1 button, only 1 button, throughout the whole thing. The meowing sound every time my Kitty died was so hilarious it called everyone in my house to my bedroom to watch me play, like a bizarre siren song. Finally, I figured..meh, its $3, I've spent more money on bigger crap.

*Beyond Good and Evil- I've heard so many good things about this game, also Green lipstick FTW! But emulation on the 360 kinda blows so after buying it and having it hang and crash a lot, I bought it for PC, where I've never bothered to play it.

*Jet Set Radio Future- Many people talk about JSR on Dreamcast and also JSRF. Sadly, while I once owned a Dreamcast, it is long long gone and I never got to try this game. It would be nice if I could find the time for it.

Indigo Prophecy-  Apparentlyhaving people describe this game as "weird" "QTEs" and "good" wasnt enough motivation to play it

Fable- I just don't like it. I've tried it numerous times, and I just cannot stand this game.

Jade Empire- It was on sale...sounded good...added it to the pile.

Morrowind- If I can't find time for short arcade/indie games. I definitely dont have the time to slog through Morrowind, especially on the Xbox360 crashing or freezing every 15 minutes.

Dreamfall- Still untouched. Will probably remain so because I only have so much energy and time.

KotOR 1 and 2- Gave up on them for Xbox, every so often I fire up the first one on PC

Ninja Gaiden Black- i'm a crappy ninja, can't get past the first boss. Don't like frustrating games. 

Genma completes my Onimusha Collection? That's all I've got.

ANDDDDDDD.....Finally, done going through that massive list.
Next up is one VERY long list (PS2) and one very short list (PS3) But that will have to be tomorrow. MY brain hurts right now.


Jim said...

I admit that my reflexes are not what they once were but I still love my games and that makes MMOs and RPGs even more attractive. MMOs are like playing games on easy and RPGs - you play at any level and if you crank up the difficulty that just means you take a few extra tries to finish your quests.

adventure games and those with some puzzles are always fun and horror is always been my fave genre.

Eventually i'll get tired of waiting if something takes too long and turn the difficulty down a bit o_O

SihayatheFremen said...

I can't seem to get into MMOs, probably cause I'm not that social.
I tried LOTRO and it bored me, tried Rise of Immortals last week, it annoyed me and bored me. Tried Spiral Knights, it looks really really cute, but I hate the nickel and diming microtransaction pay to play stuff and I dont want to team up with other people, I just wanna run around and look like an armoured pigtailed Nobody from KH and look cute all alone.

I used to go straight for "Easy" on every game, gradually I've moved on to just going with the default "Normal" and for the first time, I'm actually trying a game on "Hardcore".

I like being challenged, but I dont like being frustrated, which is probably why I hate Demon's Souls. I'm definitely a leisurely wandering RPG or action-adventure type person.

Portal makes my brain hurt. I'm not smart enough to figure out the puzzles.