Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What I haven't done part 3

So i'm gonna be really lazy because looking at my PS2 list..its gotten pretty damn big and I really dont wanna copy pasta exactly the same thing as last year or think of good excuses for why I haven't touched any of the games I had then or have now so.....


90+ games that I have not finished , most of which I havent even started. Shameful list of unfinished games is HERE.


Assassin's Creed Brotherhood- Can't start this til I get through AC 2, which I still haven't because I suck at stealth.

Demon's Souls- Well, if you read this blog regularly,  you would know all about my attempt at playing Demon's Souls recently.

Final Fantasy 13- I finally started this not too long ago and...its a great movie...great game, not so much. Feel like it resents me for playing it and spoiling its lovely cinematics.

Folklore- Watched the Unskippable and it was so ridiculous yet it made me curious. So, I gave the demo a try and wow, the opening cinematic and the gameplay were not even remotely on the same planet. Seemed ok though, So, I bought it, I'm all for new experiences...Sadly the experience this game offered once I got it is one I know pretty well....boredom. I almost fell asleep mid-afternoon playing this.So, chances are good I'll never finish it.

God of War 3- First off, I LOVE KRATOS! Seriously, love the awesome insane brutality of that twisted Spartan. Loved and played God of War and started God of War 2 with gusto. Then, between Icarus Wings and jumping from falling pillar to falling pillar and dying a bazillion times, I got sick of GOW2 and stopped playing it, and I have never gone back to it. 
When Chains of Olympus was announced, I bit the bullet and bought a GOW Collector's Edition PSP bundle and finished the game in a day. Later I got Ghost of Sparta and I dont think I've gotten past the first save point. It just didnt do much for me. Don't really know why though.
I do want to play GOW3 though to be honest the thought of lovingly rendered Centaur intestines is kind of a turn off, but normally I dont like playing sequels if I havent played the previous games. 
The odds of me ever finished GOW2 though are slim to none, so I might just start this one of these days just for the hell of it.

Heavy Rain- According to Mega64, "Heavy Rain makes you cry" and life has been depressing enough for me this past year. Aside from that, when I bought this I tried playing it, but my PS3 decided it needed a shit-ton of updates and an hour and a half later when it was finally done, I just cba to play. I've heard people rave about this game but for some reason, I cant bring myself to actually put the disk in the PS3...someday maybe.

Little Big Planet 1&2- Cute, so very cute. Also, frustratingly annoying platforming. but..Stephen Fry! (I love that man) but...frustratingly annoying platforming and a decidedly huge lack of imagination for creating things...and so they gather dust.

Modnation Racers-  Totally bought it for my son Sapito and while it looks fun, he never lets anyone else make characters or cars or tracks cause he's a game Nazi, and so, I have not played it.

Portal 2- That whole "sequel" rule of mine. Haven't played the first one through to the end so I havent started this one. I do want to play the co-op but no one in my house is interested. :(

Resistance Fall of Man- Another game I've mentioned here before when I went on a rant about second class citizen co-op and the annoyance of the PS3 not letting more than one person log into the machine at a time so playing as player 2 you get bupkiss, instead of Trophies.

Resistance 2- Sequel, so... you know.

Tomb Raider Trilogy- I confess...I have never played a Tomb Raider game. This went on sale recently for $20 and I've been curious for a while, so I decided to pick it up, not had a chance to try it out just yet.

Uncharted Drake's Fortune & Uncharted 2- Everyone said how great Uncharted was and how I couldnt own a PS3 and NOT have this game. So, I bought it and I loved it. Til that damn Jet Ski. I got through that eventually and then I hit the "underground platforming hell of swinging lamps. I've been stuck there ever since and so I rage quit and haven't played again. So, til I get through that, no Uncharted 2 for me.

White Knight Chronicles- JRPG, YAY. I own way better JRPGs than this, so I havent gotten to it.

Yakuza 3- Got through ost of Yakuza 1, then watched my husband finish it. Lost motivation to finish it after that. I love Kazuma and I think its got a great story but, I need to get the motivation to play 2 before I hit this one. 

inFamous- First game I bought when I bought my PS3. I like it a lot. I just forget to play my PS3 most of the time so there it sits, waiting for me to get around to it again.


Castle Crashers- Everyone loves Castle Crashers, None of us ever push to complete it though. Got it on Ps3 mainly for the Volleyball minigame, much more fun than "all you can Quaff" on the Xbox

Dead Nation- It was free...I dont really like zombies though everyone else in the house does.

WipEOut HD Fury-It was free...and I figured my son would like it. I have ZERO interest in it.

...and that concludes this more list to go and I'll be all done..with the lists, not the games. lol

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