Thursday, October 27, 2011

What I haven't done part 4

Ah, after so many long lists, this is finally the end of the line and its a short list. I admit that aside from the DS, Nintendo products don't really get much use in my house. I think that aside from the dusting off of Wii sports during parties or visits from friends and family, the only thing that has managed to clock some hours on the Wii is the Just Dance series.
I've mentioned it before and I'll say it again, the only thing more prevalent than Gaming in my house is Music. Singstar, American Idol, Just Dance, We Cheer, iPods for all, music always, For every emotion, moment, memory, day, family has their own personal soundtracks constantly going on.


Luigi's Mansion
Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones
The Legend of Zelda....all of them-
Resident Evil 4
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

I have not come near my Gamecube or Gamecube games in so long that they might as well not exist.


Soul Calibur Legends-While I liked the game well enough, I didnt like the exhausting arm soreness.

Super Mario Galaxy-Stillh avent replaced my broken disk and I really don't care. I'm not gonna lie and pretend. I just don't care about Mario games so much.

No More Heroes 1 &2 - Haven't made my way back to NMH...maybe...some day.

Nights Journey of Dreams- looked interesting...too bad its on the console I neglect

*Muramasa The Demon Blade- This game is stunningly beautiful and infinitely Japanese. 2 things that appeal to me. I have no idea why I havent played it yet...I suck :(

House of the Dead Overkill- I actually played a bit of this with my husband but I just can't bring myself to play it alone and once my husband finishes a game (unless its Borderlands, Gears 3 or Champions of Norrath) he doesnt go back to it. And its not really a game my kids are all that into so. I dont know, maybe yes, maybe no, someday...

*Final Fantasy Crystal Bearers- Wanted this for so very long. But now I'm swamped with so many other games this is pretty low on the priority scale.

*Mad World- It was $10 I bought it.yeah, I have no other justification.

And this is the end of my mad backlog list... I know its huge and I know its got a great mix of crap and awesomeness. I just wish I had more drive and time to game.

Now these lists are in no way complete as far as total games I own. That list will probably NEVER be made because its just too crazy long.
However, if you'd like to know what other games I own that I have not included in these lists (Example...Steam, PC, Handhelds, and completed games, fighting games, music etc....perhaps out of curiousity or perhaps looking for someone to take a jaunt with you through  some of the games, You can find a pretty large (if not 100% complete) list of games on my Raptr profile. I would really love to be able to play some of these games with someone  else, maybe you have a backlog you need a partner to get through? :P

So now that this is done, I'll finally be able to write about something less dull than my backlog shame again.

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