Monday, June 18, 2012

A very special episode of OMG

Hello all.
In the 3yrs since I started this blog we've had a lot of ups and downs haven't we. Ups and downs in posting frequency and quality as well.
I've gone through many rough spots and dry spells. I've started many pieces I never finished, promised to finish and never have...though in my defense. I do have part of the next section about Dragon Age in draft form. Just havent finished it enough to post.

I was trying to decide whether I should post this or not but, you guys and girls that take the time to read my blog are the closest thing I have to an extended family.
I Thought of keeping it  to myself because this blog isn't "Personal".
I know that might sound like a contradiction, After all the premise of it is about being a Mother and a Gamer and sharing experiences I've had with my family, with other people when they find out I'm a big gamer and how they feel about that and parenting. My views on female gamers and pics of my cosplay, my action figures, my game collections. So its very "about me".
I try to keep my truly "personal" things out of here but sometimes my real life spills over into my online persona, its inevitable.

So I would like to explain why I have been so very quiet and recently posted what I did about my absence. I do not intend to switch the focus of this blog to my personal issues and grievances but this is important and life changing and I wanted to  put it out there so you guys understand why I'm neglecting this blog that is so very important to me.

I will spare everyone by not going into incredible detail.

So, to keep it short (too late!)
I am currently going through a divorce.
I've been married for almost 9 yrs and  sometimes, things just aren't meant to work out. My husband has found someone who's company he prefers to mine and we've decided to part ways. Obviously just by looking at the name of this blog, I have children, 3 of them. So, currently we are starting to embark on the messy road of custody agreements and child support agreements and many other agreements that we do not currently agree on.
I am also trying to figure out how to make ends meet in the future. As you know I am a stay at home mom, more by obligation than choice. Even as I write this I am wearing 2 knee braces, and my back is in agony. Sadly, its not easy to be legally declared "disabled" so I cannot work for health reasons, and I cannot work since I will have to take care of my children.
I will be working with a very fixed, very small budget that just about covers my bills and not much else. I will also be losing medical insurance which will make life very difficult for me due to my Chronic pain conditions and other injuries that I will no longer get treatment for.

But, I'm sure I will make due.
Sadly I won't be able to write much about gaming in the near future due to all this divorce stuff.
When I do come back I will probably won't be unboxing too many Collector's Editions or buying games as they come out.
Never fear, I have plenty of games to talk about even if I dont buy any more games for 5 yrs lol
I do still have a few games I had gotten previously in the last few bundles that I will be giving away, among them Bastion, but I really can't say when I'll be posting those up for grabs.

Hopefully things will settle down and go smoothly and I'll be back babbling and ranting about games soon.

Thank you for taking the time to listen and understand, Thanks for reading my blog in general.



War said...

Don't worry about the people of this blog, take care of yourself first. My best friend went through a similar experience, he was married for 10 years only to find out his wife was cheating on him the entire time. He had to get a divorce and now he does not get to see his 2 kids. Don't let something like this bring you down, my friend is still very happy and enjoys life, even more than I personally do. I'm sure things will work out for you too, and I would like to wish you the best of luck.

s4ndm4n said...

Agree with War. Take care of the important things first, and foremost yourself, and your kids. Divorces are messy, as I have first hand experience in. I'm currently going through a similar situation only my separated (soon to be ex) wife is the one that decided life with me wasn't what she wanted any longer. Unfortunately ours is a divorce put off for at least 8 more months due to the law of this state I'm in not allowing us to part ways completely until after an entire year of separation happens. This is the second wife leaving me for the same type of reasons and I tell you this only because as bad as it seems in the midst, I promise you there is light at the end of the tunnel! You'll get through and I'm sure gonna enjoy seeing you back posting because it will mean you made it! :) *many hugs to you*

SihayatheFremen said...

Thank you guys for your kind words and support. I'm holding up ok, its not been too bad. I'm more worried about the coming weeks and months as I try to find a balance in life and in my budget.