Monday, March 22, 2010

A quick Hello


I just wanted to stop by and say...I am not neglecting my blog again. I've actually been working on writing something for a few days now, but, life happens.... Long weekend of dealing with the kids...Dentist appointment this morning...and just general exhaustion, been sick on and off for a long while now and its really catching up to me now. Just completely and utterly spent. I was also discharged from Physical Therapy not that long ago and I've been having a lot of pain, I can deal with it but it gets very tiring.
None of this is particularly relevant to gaming of course and I try to keep my non-gaming personal life out of here cause well, you know how it is, no one cares about your problems but you, but I did want to explain why I'm not posting when I say I will.

So, I am writing, I will finish and post soon, just bear with me a little longer :)

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