Monday, October 17, 2011

Its Monday and I NEED Friday already.

Oh my, its been quite a weekend.
Friday was a marathon run to 4 separate stores looking for Halloween costumes. Why the rush? Saturday was my daughter's Birthday party (though her Birthday is actually today) and she wanted a costume party.
Saturday was the party...rambunctious 10yr olds being loud and hyper...great fun. Sunday was recovery. I'm still feeling Meh.

Obviously I was doing a lot this weekend and didnt get to game all that much but I did manage  to squeeze in a little Lost Odyssey and last night we made it to Wave 26 in Horde in Gears 3, which is the farthest we've all gotten, but everyone was fried and we stopped there after we started dying in assmonkey ways because we were all exhausted.

I actually fell asleep mid battle in Lost Odyssey, thank god its a turn based game. Every so often I'd wake up, see everyone standing around and hit the X button again before passing out. Eventually I finished the battle, I THINK I saved, I hope so.

Finally got a Subway Uncharted 3 MP code, but I'm too lazy to go turn the damn PS3 on. That is SERIOUS laziness right there.

So, in my mentally drained state, I will try to talk about something game related. I warn you it might not be coherent. Its probably gonna be more like random sentences....

Lets see, I made it to the second disk of Lost Odyssey and while its great that Kaim got the stick out of his ass finally, I'm having a hard time liking anyone besides Jansen, Queen Numara and once in a while Mack. (is there some unwritten rule that in JRPGs at some point you must get saddled with 2 little kids in your damn party?)
Ah well, at least Cooke and Mack are slightly less annoying that Palom and Porom from FF4 and somewhat more useful. Seth the immortal she-pirate... Not only do I wanna smack her for her ridiculously improbable and ugly outfit, But she seems to be in Turbo bitch 24/7. Also, the 2 little brats fight better than her and thats' just sad...I mean, you'd think in 1,000 yrs bitch would have learned how to actually, you know, hit something with her sword. But enough about my hatred of Seth (cause I could probably rant about her  longer than I ranted about Lucas Montbarron from Dungeon Siege 3)
Final rant on this...How the hell do those stupid ribbons hold up her armor? and why does she have armor on her arms but nowhere else? Her dress is a backless halter summer dress. Because everyone knows that this is the logical attire for a pirate.

My husband is not  exactly a fan of JRPGs and as such, he doesn't know much about well, most of the things that are standard in JRPGs which leads to the strangest discussions...

I'm running through the streets of Numara, talking to random people, doing a little shopping when my husband comes in and sits down to watch me play for a bit.

Him: Oh, what happened to the rest of your party?
Me: uh, what do you mean, I have my whole party.
Him: (looking slightly confused) I only see Kaim.
Me: yeah...that's usually how these games go. You control 1 person while you are running around cities and such until cutscenes or battles and the rest of the party shows up
Him: So what do they do in the meantime? Does Kaim like I dont know, absorb them to become some mashup KaimJansenSeth creature? Do they shrink?  WTH?
Me: Hmm...never thought about it before, I dont know what the hell happens to them. I never really thought about it, it
Him: ok. I was just curious because you're running around with only one character but your save file shows 5. Carry on.

You know, that's a really good question though. WTF are all the other party members doing when not fighting or participating in cutscenes. they just magically disappear as soon as they are done fighting. Does Kaim have like a magical pocket that is huge on the inside like Vampire coffins in Vampire Hunter D? (*Bigger on the Inside: In the novels it is often described how the vampire castles, carriages and even coffins may be vastly huge on the inside thanks to the space-warping technology the Nobility used to possess. There are tales of people entering a vampire's coffin and never finding the way out again. They were often built to accommodate their owner for centuries, yet another way the Nobility tried to forget their own decline.)

It would also be nice if I could choose who from my party I want walking around for me. (Translation: I think Jansen is dreamy)

Now I'm just being nitpicky though, I admit it.
As a kindness to all of us, I wont bother talking about anyone else's the ridiculous clothing choices beyond Seth's because while they are all committing heinous Fashion Crimes, I hate Seth, so I must complain about her and her outfit is probably the most impractical and idiotic (Excluding NPCs, especially Soldiers....that shit is just ludicrous)


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