Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hi guys! Hope Halloween was good for ya'll

I'm not gonna pimp out my halloween pics here, so if you wanna check em out just head over to my OMG FB page.

I did get a little something in the mail yesterday though, Assassin's creed 3. I didn't bother doing an unboxing since I figure there must already be a billion of them online. I did order Otomedius Excellent CE and Record Of Agarest War Zero which should arrive today and I might unbox those if its worth it.
I did take a couple of very bad pics of my Connor statue which is temporarily on top of my book shelf til I can find a better home for him and my flag. That thing is HUGE (that's what she said). I'll post em here and add em to my loot folder on FB


Tomala said...

Sounds like you had a fun halloween. 8)

Sihaya Atreides said...

it was an..interesting Halloween, thats for sure.