Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Good morning

If you've come to read about girl gamers I have good and bad news.
The bad news first.
I'm still not feeling 100%. I don't want to bog down this blog with my own personal issues but I feel like I should explain why sometimes, unfortunately, I might be less than punctual in my posting.
I won't bore you with details. I have certain health conditions that make life pretty hard sometimes. Yesterday I had Physical Therapy and its left me pretty worn and achy.

However, I don't want you to think that because I'm not done with the article that I'm not working on it.

As I began writing and outlining the "arguments" about girl gaming, I ran into one of the things that is met with he most derision. "girly games".
You know what I mean. We've all mocked these games... most of them start with Imagine and end in a "z". In the interest of giving an intelligent and researched post I have begun playing some of these games. You see, my daughter loves them and I think I own pretty much any game that begins with Imagine, deals with babies or with animals.
I won't reveal  my thoughts yet because if I did, I'd have no article to post later :) .

Since I did not want to leave you with nothing for your trouble, I will post a game review of a game that is probably not very well known and I feel deserves a look.

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