Friday, January 8, 2010

Coming Content

If all goes well, I'm hoping that in the next week I'll get out the last 2 parts of the gaming/sexism rant.
  • Also hoping to get up a review of Style Savvy. 
  • My girls also wrote a few things about gaming, games, having a gamer mom, and a few of their own mini reviews of games they've enjoyed.
  • Waiting for my husband to get a day to catch his breath from all the OT he's been working in order to get his view on being a gaming widower and also trying to understand my game collection obsession.
  • I also plan on posting my original Scribblenauts post along with  the podcast with Kotaku and the creator of Scribblenauts.

  •  and finally I have a few of my previous reviews left to put up.
I know that you might wonder why I post reviews of games that are not current. Well, first because for the most part when I reviewed them they were fairly new. Second, because I'm sure there are people who have not played these games yet, for whatever reason and they might like to read about them. Finally, because having kids I sometimes play game out of the norm, a perfect example being Titanic Mystery, which turned out to be quite enjoyable and I plan on reviewing it as well.

You might also be wondering why I post so many updates and such. Well its for a couple of reasons. First, because normally I am a major procrastinator and I'm trying to keep up the trend of blogging daily or at least every few days. Second, because I want you to know I'm not abandoning the blog, I'm here and I'll be posting regularly.

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James Henderson said...

The good thing about blogging, is that while it's a good outlet to get the word out about different things, it's sort-of like the news, only that it's more of a personal thing and you're allowed to use your own opinion instead of being neutral. Another thing is, because blogs are primarily a personal thing, there's no onus on having to write particular things or having to meet certain deadlines. If you want to write about something, do it because you want to, not because someone else expects you, or that you're letting your fanbase down. It doesn't have to be daily, it doesn't even have to be once a week. Just whenever you feel like you've got something important to say. And if it's not that important and has to be on-the-hour, every hour, that's what Twitter's made for.