Thursday, January 14, 2010

What is it they say about the best laid plans?

I had fully intended to come home from Physical Therapy and Post some of my thoughts about games, well, you read my earlier post on what I had planned.

Alas, on the way to therapy we got pulled over, my husband's tag is expired and he hasn't had a chance to renew it. $111 ticket.
Go to therapy late, did some new stuff at therapy that left me almost unable to stand without help.
Tried to hang online for a bit but the pain was too much and I went to lay down and play Sands of Destruction on my DS. BTW, when I get my head back on straight I have some words to share on that as well.

I finally gave up the ghost and tried to take a nap. But my husband kept texting me. I tried to ignore it but then he called. On his way home he got pulled over by ANOTHER cop for the same reason.He explained about the previous ticket and how tomorrow he was going to get the tag renewed yaa yada. Cop didn't care...another $111 ticket AND he is making my husband leave his car parked in a Wendy's parking lot. I can't go pick him up because my license expired and we haven't had the money to renew it, plus I can still barely walk. so we called a friend to pick him up and now we pray his car doesn't get towed for being there overnight. The cop is actually sitting there watching him, waiting for him to drive again so he can arrest him. Jerk!

So I'm posting to keep from crying and losing my mind.
I know it isn't game related and I don't want to make this blog about me, but, I just needed to get it out and keep my wits about me.

I'm sorry about the drama. Tomorrow hopefully will be a better day and I'll be able to write  something game related.


James Henderson said...

Talk about sickening, a $222 ticket overall, plus not being allowed to pick him up for fear of it becoming $333? What absolute bullshit. I mean, in Ireland, as long as you've been ticketed for nop licence or tax or insurance, and have been pulled twice in the same day for it, and produce your previous ticket for it from earlier in the day, you're allowed to go about your business for the rest of the day without complaint. It's one of the only reasons I like Ireland, id its lenience towards road safety laws to a certain extent.

No hurry about game related stuff, as long as you have yourself sorted out behind the scenes then everything's OK, I'm sure the world can go a fay or a few without an update, especially if things aren't going so great and you need your own private time to sort stuff out.

Jim said...

That really sux. DMV is a pain in the keester and not being able to get them to renew your license or tags is not considered an excuse.

There are a lot of people driving with invalid plates who just pray the do not get stopped.

I have one friend who drove for 7 years with no license. With I knew his secret.

It sure pays to have gone to high school with one of the local deputies and have your dad know the sheriff. That helped me a couple of times in the past...but only does so much good.

I ended up in the slammer overnight anyway when I pushed my luck on that account.

I hope things work out for you guys.

Sihaya said...

Yeah, but the point is that they can't give you 2 tickets for exactly the same thing on the same day. producing the first ticket to the second officer and saying you were taking care if it in the morning should have been enough.

mrslilypond said...

you may be able to fight the 2nd ticket, by writing a letter or scheduling a court date with the magistrate.