Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hello my lovely readers!

   How're ya'll doing?
I am currently undergoing the Sisyphean task of  note taking. 

   Note taking you say? How hard is that? 
I currently have between 7 and 10 tabs open and 3 separate notebooks that I'm jotting notes on. 

   Why three? 
Well, to keep everything in order. I know, I know, seems very disorderly but trust me, it'll make sense after I explain it.

   Notebook  number 1 is for Dante Alighieri's life and times...and honestly, he wasn't really much of a partier so its pretty dull going.

    Notebook number 2 is for the evil that started me on this path in the first place the video game Dante's far the similarities between notebook 1 and 2 is that they both have the names Dante, Vergil and Beatrice in them and hell. I'd say that video game Dante isn't much of a partier either but...well...there was plenty of killing, some body modification and I saw lots of boobs so it sounds like a party to me!

   Notebook Number 3 is for La Divina Comedia, specifically Inferno...unlike its author, the characters in this book partied a bit TOO HARD and are royally screwed. While this offers many gruesomely awesome mental images of eternal torment (WHAT? Its not MY torment, therefore, rock on! I enjoy other's misery, what can I say?) its got 9 flippin levels! Not only that but...they rhyme...and its starting to unhinge my mind. 

  My lord you see?
  This is what work does to me.
  I'm purely ornamental, heavy thinking makes me mental... 

  This is the result of  poetically reading the occult.
  A poetic verbal assault.

   I wish that I could end it, cause this rhyming is horrendous. 
   But this is far from over,
   and I am far from sober.

   So here I go again,
   back to writing without end,
   about long dead Italians
   and games chock full of violence
   and the dark unholy creature this union came to spawn.


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