Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dante's Update---the unspoken 10th circle of hell

   I know the natives are getting restless, I've been asked by a few people where my damn Dante piece is, I've actually been asked by more people than I ever figured read my blog (in other ways more than 2). I promise, I have not forgotten. Not only have I not forgotten but I've also had quite a few other topics for future posts pop into my tiny over-worked brain. So, its still coming...I did say this week and technically that means I have TWO whole days to get it done and typed (no pressure).
  My children getting their 1,000th Sinus Infection of the year has really cramped my style the past week or so. And of course what gets them....must get me HELLO stuffy nose, headache and stomach aches! This has of course slowed  me down, so much so that I actually turned on my Xbox and played Bayonetta for 2 days in a row. SHOCKING!! I know.
   So, as much as I am growing to hate the name Dante, I'm still at it and it will be here for your reading pleasure soon enough...and NO, I won't be bothering with the new DLC The Trials of St.Lucia. There's only so much suffering I'm willing to do for my art.

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