Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Game Spree for Me!

so I've been on a bit of a binge.
No, not a playing binge. A buying binge.
Last week I bought a second wireless mic for lips, Singstar Vol2, FF13, Yakuza 4, Dynasty warriors Strikforce and Dynasty Warriors 6 for PS2 (I already have it for Xbox360).
This weekend I bought Odin Sphere and No more Heroes 2. I also bought the game guides to Last Remnant and Red Dead Redemption.
Of course I bought the new DLC for Mass Effect 2- Overlord as well as a few songs for both Lips and Singstar.
I finally gave in and joined Steam and bought the Fallout Trilogy...Then last night I bought Arx Fatalis.
I thought my spree was done.
I was wrong.

This morning I awake to find out that 2 games I had been lazily eyeballing on XBLA  are on sale, so of course...I bought Chime and P.B. Winterbottom.
I think I'm done and if I'm not, i'll be done when my husband realizes all the money I spent....that's what he gets for going on a business trip for 4 days...I have no one to stop me from letting my fingers do the buying.

Woman+ Credit Card +video game obsession = You better get a second job.

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