Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sorry, I've been killing lots of things lately

Yeah, I've kinda forgotten to update this place, I've been busy listening to Baird's smart mouth and shooting many many Locust. I've also been fighting a cold...yes, the same one I've had for 2 weeks.
While I've been fighting this cold my kids keep passing it around to each other. Today my daughter went back to school after missing 3 days and before that it was my son who was home with it.
This is going somewhere, really.
While home sick, my son wanted me to play a game with him and his game of choice is ALWAYS Borderlands.

How can I refuse a sniffling anime bobblehead with big puppy eyes? (yeah, that sounds kinda scary..but its actually really really cute) We fired up the game and within minutes I remembered why I both love and hate playing Borderlands with my son.

First he has demands. We MUST have separate cars and he gets dibs on any weapon we find, actually he has dibs on any weapon, whether its in my inventory, on the ground or I'm currently using it.

Second, He likes to go to T-Bone Junction (General Knoxx's secret Armory) as soon as we start a new game even though the Crimson Lance ninja bitches will eviscerate us as soon as we get there.

But its all good because what he really likes to do is find glitches and tricks.

Example: While it is true that the Crimson Lance chicks will destroy you in T-Bone Junction if you are under level 25, there's easy money to be made and experience if you survive a quick run there when you start the game.
Goes like this...
first go get all the weapons and cash you can from the area near your teleport, then go see Scooter who will give you a mission to find parts for the Monster. (my preferred method of trasnportation). Now it gets a little dodgy. the first few parts are right near there so you're safe but once you cross a certain point the Crimson chicks will appear and slaughter you.
Get the easy parts first then one person run and stand by the teleporter, menu open, place to go to chosen, the other person haul ass and get the last 2 pieces of the monster, the minute you grab the last piece, first person teleports you outta there. Recoup your health, teleport back to T-bone and turn in the parts to Scooter, put the Monster together, then leave and continue your low level adventures in Fyrestone with cash in your pocket and experience piling up.

My 7 year old son taught me that....I felt very proud he had discovered this and very pathetic that I never thought of it.

Not everything he discovers in Borderlands is as lucrative however. As I said, its not just tricks..its glitches too. Like this one:

I did not get lucky enough to Teleport us out. He demanded I follow him into the dead zone...where this happened:

So there I was, sitting in the Gunner's seat in a car, in mid-air. So I ask him "How do I get out of here?" and he replies, "jump out of the car" I ask, "what will happen?" he shrugs and says "you die, thats the only way out, but you dont lose any money if you die here, so its ok."

Well, at least my cash didnt take a knock...

After this little adventure he took most of my weapons, got a Racer and sped off while I got blown up in my Monster by all the enemies he left behind as he raced off....Good times.


Bo said...

Cool video.

Cathrine said...

Wow, that's a pretty cool video!

Anonymous said...

WoW, that little boy is very good at that game!
He really must know more than you about games:]

Epic Louie said...

Dude, you have some serious skills! I wish I was as good as you.

Anonymous said...

man that boys got talent! i mean i could never figure stuf like that out!
Ma'am you have one very intelligent kid.:)

Riggy92 said...

Yo we should take tips from this dude.

Cynyster Monkey said...

This kid is way better at figuring things out than I am. Way to go! Keep on gaming little dude!!!

Lux said...

lol He's a clever little bugger, isn't he? Sounds very clever too!

BH Versilence. said...

Nice find, he seems to be the type that grows into being a very intelligent individual, always trying to find a way to get that, or find a way to do that. Great video and nice blog.

Anonymous said...

Cool discovery, going to see if I can manage to do that.

Cyberneticz said...

lol smart kid is smart

Anonymous said...

Ma'am, you must really teach your kids well if they are as good as that!
I mean i'm gonna try some of that stuff he said!
Tell him i said "Rock on kid!:)"