Monday, November 1, 2010


    So today is going to be a dual post day. I was originally just going to make it one post but its just too much stuff and too confusing to smush it all together. So, I'll cover the personal stuff here and Fable 3 in my next post.

    Halloween seems to have brought up the repressed perfectionist cosplayer in me. I apparently spent the weekend driving my family crazy with trying to get my outfit just right.
In the end while it was pretty good, it wasnt as accurate as I wanted, but I had limited time and resources to get the look together. I will definitely be getting proper hair and accesories before wearing it again.
As I mentioned earlier I dressed as Lulu from FFX. The hair isnt quite right and the jewelry doesnt match hers but at least the dress and moogle are right....of course...I have Pics. :)

Sure I had to remember to "step, kick" all night in order to not trip over the belts but...I LOVE the costume.
     Today is the first day of Nanowrimo. Fifty thousand words, thirty days, one absent muse. Lord help me. Dividing the total by the number of days its 1667 words a far, I've got one very small, very badly written paragraph..OY! But, maybe it'll all come to me in my sleep soon, or not. I gotta stay motivated though cause the girls are doing it too.

   So thats it for the personal stuff...I'm too tired to say much today. Next up my impressions on Fable 3...


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Jim said...

the game sounds like fun but I have not been able to play any since the first one. I have no 360 and will be looking for a new pc before another console.

there is always something I need to replace in the house and never can seem to stay ahead of the game for very long. If that is the case why are my fave games these damn RPGs where you pretend to go through the same type of thing for fun