Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fallout New Vegas

So, at first I hated it and then it grew on me, and now its kinda boring me but one good thing has come out of it. I stumbled upon the Awesomeness of Fallout Nuka Break by Wayside Creations.
Never heard of it? Well, we'll correct that right now.
Its the tale of a courier and his 2 companions, a ghoul and an ex-slave as they try to survive the wasteland and find the perfect Nuka Cola Break.
It started with a one shot short and has now become a series and I HIGHLY recommend it.
Watch it, Love it, Subscribe to it. Its definitely well done and if you love the Fallout series, you can't pass this up.


Jim said...

THANK you that Nuka Cola thing is most excellent. I probably never would have come across it since I haven't gotten Fallout Vegas

SihayatheFremen said...

Yw :). Seriously everyone should run and subscribe to this series, its just so awesome. I can't wait til the next episode, ita getting interesting.
As to NV, its ok but Fallout 3 was better and. fallout nuka break is definitely better than the game. I love Ben, the ghoul, he cracks me up.

Jim said...

yeah the ghouls is def the star