Tuesday, October 25, 2011


So...last night I was playing Gears 3 on Hardcore with my 7yr old son and my husband. we quit after failing the Anvil Gate mission too many know, when half of you stay on the wall and the other half go out in the truck...
What does it say that the reason we quit was because my husband kept getting killed during the mission..not my 7yr old.
I know who I want on my side in a Vs. match lol

Also, I'm delaying my PS list til tomorrow, I'm a little tired today, plus, I wanna play the new Dungeon Siege DLC so I can hate on Lucas Montbarron some more.

Debating the DLC for Deus Ex..1200 pts..ouch....

Oh, started Alan Wake last night....I am so upset at how much I disliked it.
I read the novel before I bought it, I bought the Collector's edition and read all of it, got the Collector's edition guide with the added companion book ,read all that as well and loved it all.
Finally started the game and noticed a few things that totally killed it for me....

1. Alan Wake is a, I already knew this from the book but, I guess, it was palpable because I wasn't straight up hearing him talk...Game starts..I wanna punch him in the head.

2. that lame healthbar-dot that tells you here to go just isnt working for me. I know some people love that whole minimalistic hud thing. F-that. While in real life I have an excellent sense of direction (no really, take me somewhere once and I can find it again on my own even 10yrs later) In games I become directionally impaired. I LIKE having a mini-map, an actual map, a breadcrumb trail, something besides a dot that rotates with me and gives me vertigo.

3. This is actually the BIG one...I feel like everyone is talking AT me, not TO me. Maybe its because they just start  rambling on without me doing anything except being within 20 ft from them. Maybe its because I really don't give a crap what they are saying....either way, I don't like it.

I WANT to like this game but...damn...its not making it easy.

So...not as "quick" as I expected this to be.
*about the title of this post....
I suck at titles and sometimes I have very little to say and just wanna say it without  spending more time thinking of a witty name, so..quick thoughts will all be "quickie's" it sounds cheap and dirty...I like cheap and dirty ;)

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