Friday, October 28, 2011


I apologize for the lack of anything interesting or even amusing in this post now, before I even begin, so that should you read it all, you can't claim I didnt warn you it was a big crapfest lol.
I could give many excuses and reasons why, but I'll keep it simple. I have had a bad week, I'm extremely exhausted and my G.A.D. is off the chain this week.

I was updating my apps on my phone last night and was reminded of that commercial about how people use smart phones to do dumb things...That is SOOOO me.

My most used apps:

Archipelago, a game consisting of a few circles that are Islands and the whole goal is to get your planes to control the islands and get rid of all the enemy stupid...yet, its my go to game during my smoke breaks

Sudoku, because I am addicted to that stupid game.

Amazon Cloud player, so I can jam to Miracle of Sound on the go

Zombie Booth, because if the zombie apocalpyse comes, I want to know I'll make a cute zombie.

Amazon App store cause i'm a sucker for the free app of the day

Pocket Frogs, something about catching and breeding multicolored frogs just makes me zone out for long periods of time

Reversi, in my day it was called Othello and I've always loved it.

some of the apps I have because I'm just a dork and love useless things:

Princess Bride, Portal and Pinky and the brain Soundboards

Finger Slayer, its safer than using a real guillotine

Do not press, because it was hilarious leaving my phone on to that and hiding and waiting to see which one of my kids pressed the button first.

Nyan Cat....yeah...
and my most useless app of all?

LIGHTSABER, because I'm just that goofy, plus, people would think me crazy if I walked around with a Lightsaber that lights up and makes noises.

There are tons more, running out of space because I have too many damn apps more, but, these are my main ones...

I do use a couple of legit, serious apps....Ledgerist, Facebook, Flashlight and Text Plus, plus the internet but aside from that, its all frivolous shit.

I mean, I rarely go anywhere, I have no job and I have no friends, why do I need a smart phone for? I mean aside from all the dumb bullshitty apps out there to download?

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