Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mass Effect 2--mixed feelings.

So, I've been trying to actually PLAY some of the games I own and what do you know...if you actually stick to a game, you'll eventually finish it! I had no idea.

I think that writing out my unfinished game lists really made me realize that, damn I buy way too many games and they are really good games and I have no life whatsoever, no job, I dont do why the hell do I never finish games?

What did I finish?
Mass Effect 2 and the DLC for Dungeon Siege 3.

So lets go with ME2 first...

I've talked about my initial dislike of ME2 before. Its not that it doesnt have a great story, or great characters its that they took an RPG and made it a third person shooter with some RPG elements tacked on. Yeah, I said it, I do not worship at the altar of ME2. I do worship at the Altar of Shepard and Garrus (insane crush on the freaky alien dude!).

I recognize that Mass Effect was a little... clunky and awkward in parts, but, I didnt mind a lot of the things people complained about.
For example, elevators. So many complaints about the long elevator rides masking loading time. I actually rather enjoyed the News Updates while you rode the elevator, they were informative and sometimes amusing, I kind of miss that. I don't know, I have nowhere to be so I dont mind load times, not to mention that being an RPG player I'm used to the dramatic pause and switch to battle screens and the post victory, dance, pose thing. Loading times, they are just part of the package.

Second, while the inventory could be a little cumbersome, I LIKED choosing my weapons and what power ups I would add to each. I liked shopping for new gear and I liked turning the crappy stuff into Omni-Gel. The whole streamed down, no more shopping, finding upgrades scattered around the world thing just didnt do it for me. Also.. WHY THE HELL DO I NO LONGER HAVE GRENADES!!!!!!!!!! I want my damn grenades back! I like throwing a grenade out and watching a whole lot of dudes ragdoll.

Also, I don't appreciate losing half my characters' powers. I playas a Vanguard. Its the space equivalent of Battle Mage and I like being a battle mage, I really liked being a space battle-mage, but now, 2 of my powers are gone and instead I have special ammo...wth?

I hate the "streamlined" upgrade screen, I have less choices, less powers and less control over character development. I don't consider this progress. (I feel the same way about the fact that I can't change anyone's outfit in Dragon Age 2...I liked laughing my ass off at the hideous mismatched armour I'd put on my characters and the ridiculous hats, but that's a rant for another day, like when i finish Dragon Age 2)

One thing I never thought I'd say after playing Mass Effect is... I miss the Mako. The Hammerhead controls like retarded ass. Yes, I know the Mako wasn't exactly the pinnacle of precision, but once I got the hang of it, it was kinda fun I especially liked climbing mountains with it, trying hard to flip it over and having it always land on its wheels, like a cat...also, I could run over stuff. Using the Hammerhead made me rethink how "cool" hovercraft would be.

Now, that I've bitched about the game, let me say that I did really like it, a lot. I mean it was REALLY good. Not he shooting bits that much, or the planet scanning bits, or the boring ass-Citadel parts man, I sound so negative don't I?
I assure you though, I loved the game. Or more accurately, I loved the story. The gameplay put me off but the story kept me going. Sure its got its share of cliches but what doesnt these days, its like originality is becoming extinct.

Picking up all the different members of your team, getting to know them, doing their loyalty missions, it was fabulous.  I found myself wasting time running around the Normandy talking to everyone often, personal favorites were talking to Zaeed, Kasumi and Joker.

Zaaed's Mercenary stories were a trip. Interesting, sometimes hilarious, usually really fucked up..good stuff.
Kasumi, she was damn cute. I love the way she talks, I would have pegged her for a silent bitchy type but she's so bubbly.
And Joker, well its Seth Green, I love me some Seth Green. Every time I took a different team out on a mission I would come back and ask him about it because he always had something hilarious to say.

Garrus is my game crush so of course, anytime I got to talk to him, do his mission, whatever was just great to me.
Jacob was a little dry but after getting to know him, he grew on me. His loyalty mission was also incredibly interesting.
I was really surprised by how much I liked Mordin. His mission had some really deep, interesting conversation that made you think, and his Salarian hyperness was amusing...also..Him singing...AWESOME

Grunt was...very Krogan and I think his Loyalty mission gave me the most trouble aside from Thane's.
Thane, he was fascinating. Seriously. History, Theology, The Drell in general, I ended up romancing him and Garrus (I'm such a two timer) and while Garrus's romance was very touching, Thane's was by far the most emotional and insightful of the two, not to mention tragic (I might be biased because he started calling my character Siha and that's close to my name, Sihaya...but even without that, he was just awesome.)

Finally Legion. I found him fascinating and was a little dissapointed that there wasn't more there. I mean, after spending the whole first game and most of the second one fighting the Geth, getting to talk to him and learn more about them and what exactly the situation is and the effects of the events of the first game, so much to learn, so much to ask...and he can hack turrets, always a win in my book.

Those were the characters I liked...the dislike column is almost as long.

First of all I must bitch about the fact that useless wench Yeoman Chambers let my damn fish die! TWICE!!! Man she's useless.
Following the useless chick who's sole purpose seemed to be a breathing equivalent of the AOL "You've got mail!" voice would be Samara.
I dont have anything against her particularly, she's an interesting character but, I was just put off by the utter black & whiteness of the Justicar creed. I dont deal in absolutes.

following my mild distaste for Samara is a three way of hatorade.
Jack, Tali and Miranda. I can't begin to express my hatred, my unbridled hatred for these 3 bitches.

Jack is an insane, vulgar, foul-mouthed sociopath that was frankly unnecessary and didnt belong anywhere near this game. I only took her on her loyalty mission because I had to, aside from that I avoided her like the plague. Now, i'm not saying I'm not slightly psychotic or curse like a sailor, But good lord there was truly NOTHING appealing about her character. From her shaved head, all over tattoos and half-nakedness to her snotty attitude and vitriol, I thoroughly hated her. I couldnt even stand looking at her in the character lineup. Best $2 I ever spent were on the Alternate Appearance DLC so she'd put some damn clothes on!

Miranda...oh lord how I despised her superior bitch attitude and her ugly ass mannish face...Also..Why the hell did her already inappropriate outfit become downright ho-ish after her loyalty mission? Seriously, she went from the skin-tight constant focus on her ass white catsuit to a black pleather one with cutouts on her hips and thighs..WTF? Cause that's useful and appropriate in a fire-fight. Again..Alternate Appearance pack is my friend, I loved fugly-ing her up even more (not that that ugly face needed much help) in the DLC jumpsuit with the hideous sunglasses. She's another character I only took out on her Loyalty mission because I had no choice.
I will give Jack one up on her because she kept calling her "cheerleader"  and wanted to kick her ass. Her whole "I was bio-engineered to be perfect, I am so fucking awesome, stand in awe of me and Cerberus is great and the Illusive man is GOD" shtick got on my nerves. I took great pleasure in going against all of her opinions in the end game.
Then there's Tali..I begrudgingly admit that she was useful in a few fights towards the end of the game, but that's as much as you'll get out of me that is positive. Honestly, I've disliked not only this character but her entire race since the first game. If you ask me, the Quarians get what they deserve and I got tired of hearing her whining bullshit about how they are stuck in their stupid suits, on their stupid ships, in their damn migrant fleet and the bad bad icky Geth stole their planet. Fuck the Quarians! Truth of the matter is they were lazy assholes who created robots to use as slave labor so they could dick around. The Geth somehow evolved and became sentient and the Quarians reaction to the Geth wanting to live and not be slaves was to try and exterminate them. I would happily help the Geth blow up the migrant fleet if I could. bunch of self centered douchebags.

And for the record...Screw you too Illusive man also, you look stupid when you smoke!

Not being a bitch, ok, i can't say that with a straight face...Not being THAT big a bitch, I'm not gonna write spoilers, but I will say that the ending was incredibly interesting. I was glad they at least somewhat explained why the hell all this shit is going on. oh and final fight...Cake walk...getting there...not so much. Not hard per se but if you are going for the whole no one dies achievement, think carefully on each decision oh and when Joker asks you if you are ready to go at the Omega-4 relay...SAY YES! DO NOT WAIT

After all that (which was much longer than I was planning) I'll say that, I enjoyed the story and I've already pre-ordered the Collector's Edition of ME3. So, obviously, I've gotten over my nitpicks and character hate lol

I had planned on also writing about the Dungeon Siege DLC but, I need a little Break, I didnt expect this to be so long.

To quote Kasumi-- Come back later. I'm sure I'll have more to talk about.


Anonymous said...

You can always wait to do Tali loyalty mission until after you have Legion. Then take him with you to the fleet.

Jim said...

sadly Mass Effect is a game I've never played. but with Dragon Age in the mail and Skyrim on my PC and Oblivion with a shitload of mods I am happy.

and yeah that was an interesting take on Gilbert and Sullivan who I always enjoyed.

it isn't only gays who like show tunes.

SihayatheFremen said...

Personally I like show tunes. Nothing wrong with show tunes. I never even considered them a "gay" thing, then again, I'm from NY, theater is big there.

Mass effect 1 and 2 are definitely worth a look, regardless of what I felt are short comings the games have an excellent story and deep characters.

Skyrim....yeah I got that on Friday, planning a little write-up on it tomorrow.
I am preparing myself for the anonymous hate comments that will ensue.