Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Post Christmas Quickie

Hello my neglected blog!
Told ya it would be a slow month. So Christmas is now over, YAY!!!!
what did we all get?

I got a very...non-gaming Christmas tbh :(

I got...clothes....lots of clothes.
I did get the FMA Pocket Watch I've wanted for over 3 years now, so that's good.

I got a Kinect for everyone, kind of a waste of money really. Everyone tried it once and then went off to play with all their new toys :(

So, Dance Central and Dance Central 2 were also money I blew pointlessly.

Bought my husband Deadly Premonition as a gag..WOW, that game really is as bad as I imagined.

I bought my son and husband Just Cause and Just Cause 2. I already own them on PC but they want to play it on Xbox.
Then the next day i had to spend my Christmas money on yet ANOTHER copy of Just Cause 2 because they wanted to play it at once..which only happened ONCE...and neither can be arsed to play it on PC. AM I pissed? YEAH. Especially since El Shaddai was on sale and I couldnt buy it because I didnt have enough money thanks to Just Cause 2.

So since I got no games for Christmas, I bought myself some games.
Not counting the Epic Steam shopping spree..YAY STEAM SALES!!!!
I bought:
Alice Madness Returns
Castlevania Lords of Shadow
Tales of Symphonia

Later today I'm gonna go pick up El Shaddai, because I can dammit!

I'm still struggling to finish Dragon Age 2 because I'm starting to truly despise this game. I fell asleep playing it last night after having a nice rant about one of the characters.

I'll have some actual posts coming up soon, just trying to settle back in now and Christmas break is really long in schools these days... kids are home til the 10th *sigh*


Jim said...

no games on Christmas here.

no heat on Christmas either, it crapped out on Friday and warehouse with the part was closed until Tuesday because of the Holiday so was had an electric heater in the family room.

I did get Two Worlds off steam to add to the list of games I have that I already haven't had time to play but it looks like such fun I couldn't resist especially at that price

SihayatheFremen said...

no heat?? BRRR... Hope it wasnt too too cold. Luckily I live in Florida so it wasn't to cold and while it was cloudy all day it was the first Christmas in like 8 years where it hasn't rained.

I've been told that if you can get past the godawful voice acting Two Worlds isnt a bad game but I couldnt do it. I tried the demo on 2 separate occasions and both times I stopped after a few minutes.

I've picked up so many little cheap games on Steam the past week I wouldnt know where to start listing them.

Jim said...

In many games I turn the sound off and go by the captioning so I don't have to worry about the lack of acting ability. I got used to that while watching movies late and everyone else was asleep. it is either captioning or earphones or i'm in the dog house.

I know what you mean - I haven't played most of my steam games. and that is with my dedicated video card limiting the number I can get which should make it easier but there are still so damn many good games.

of course it was the coldest nights when the heat went out. got to 25 or 26 a couple days so inside at night it was 58 even with an electric heater and all doors closed so the family room stayed warm. got back up to 64 or 66 during the afternoon though

SihayatheFremen said...

omg 64? I'm freezing when its 74 in the house. I really can't take the cold, which is funny cause I grew up in NY. Then again, I run cold, my temperature is always at least a degree under normal temp. when my temp goes to 99, I have what other consider a pretty good fever going.

Jim said...

I grew up in Iowa, Idaho, the Dakotas and places where I had freezing winters and played in snow drift in the winter.

I also spent a year in the a tiny spot in the countryside in Ontario but it was not too far from Hamilton.

I think when you are in places with big temperature changes hot summers to cold winters you have to learn to adjust.

I can survive in humid summers also if it doesn't get too damn hot

SihayatheFremen said...

florida definitely falls into "Too damn hot" territory