Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Final Fantasy 13-2 has arrived!

Normally when i post a CE I snap a few pics on my phone and upload them directly from there to here.But, this time, I felt like commenting as I take apart my new game. There are ups and downs.
First I was like YAY!!!!!
Then I was like...wha-??
and then I was like *sigh*

So here it pretty new game:

Front of outer sleeve
Back of outer sleeve

Front view of outer box
Side view of the "book" the game comes in

The actual front cover with a beautiful Amano illustration of Lightning

Back cover with an Amano Illustration of new villain Caius

opening the book you find the disk holders folded and showing some lovely art work

On the left the game disk, on the right the 4 disk Soundtrack
OMG! an actual GAME MANUAL!!!!! Seriously, these days i'm always filled with glee when I open a game and it actually contains a manual...especially if it has more than 1 folded sheet of paper. This one has a pretty thick manual as you would expect a Final Fantasy game to have.
There's another little booklet in there with  a list of all the songs on the soundtrack which I thought was a nice touch.
So far I'm pleased as punch with the CE....then I stopped to look at the Art Book...I am disappoint :(
I have not been this disappointed with an art book since Deus Ex Augmented Edition. The book is actually just a few pages attached to the actual case/book. Two of the illustrations are actually "sketchy" version of the 2 pictures on the folds of the case as you can sorta see below...
The rest are fairly bland environments, followed by drawings of 3 weapons and 2 "monsters" that's it.

didn't I just see these two pictures? Deja vu.....

Overall, its lovely packaging, and a half hearted inclusion of some drawings. I don't consider this an "art book" more like an "art leaflet"
Can't complain I guess since the Soundtrack alone retails for $34.99, the game for $60 and the CE is $79.99. (I had a $10 credit from Amazon so I actually paid $69.99 which soothes the burn a little)
I wasn't expecting much but even with low expectations that is a poor excuse for "art".
There's more beautiful art to admire in the Game Guide which set me back another $20 or so.

Not sure when I'll get to the game since I'm still trying not to hate Final Fantasy 13.

So there you go, the Final Fantasy 13-2 Collector's Edition. If you got it, well, none of this means jack to you and if you didn't...aside from some music you can totally torrent (I didn't say that!!!!) you aren't missing much.

Alright... no more putting it off...Next post will be that horrid Dragon Age Review...

and now....
to wait for Kingdom's of Amalur to get here!! (sadly I couldnt afford the CE to that. $275 is too rich for my blood)


Jim said...

sweet - final fantasy always has some great artwork and it is one of the few games where I reserve copies of special editions because I love the books with with books they issue at release with the special editions.

I missed out on this because I was worried about my stepdads health.

SihayatheFremen said...

As you can see from my post, you didnt miss much.
Hope your step dad is better

Anonymous said...

How the game going

s4ndm4n said...

As always -- beautiful work. Square has always been one of my fav's when it comes to 3d character art. Hope the game is as good as it looks :D

SihayatheFremen said...

Too bad they didn't include that beautiful artwork in the CE "artbook"

I'd rather buy an overpriced coffee table book than keep buying these game collector's editions that claim to bring "artbooks" that re nothing but a few stale screenshots and sketeches we've seen online for months before game release.

Its getting ridiculous.
Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, Deus Ex, Catherine, Final Fantasy 13-2...they all have piss poor excuses for "art books"

Jim said...

thanks, he is gonna be ok - Tio Jake took him to the doc after he got off Amtrak.
I think he needed battery recharged.


ah. FF XII had some nice stuff and once upon a time when the collector editions were not coming out twice a month you got some value.

I would buy my nieces one for a present and get myself a copy also but lately I have been skipping them.

Mainly since the girls are going off to school and have not been playing video games.

SihayatheFremen said...

Yeah, collector's editions are outta control lately. Amalur's was like $275 and the limited was $80. With ff13-2 preordered and the mass effect ce preordered too I couldn't swing the limited and the collector's wasn't even a consideration. My most expensive ce to date was gears 3 at $150. I don't think I would ever go that high again. $100 is my limit and only if its really worth it, like uncharted 3

Of course i say this now. I would pay pretty much anything for a Borderlands 2 ce once they announce it. :p

Jim said...

it wasn't too very long ago for PS2/xbox games we thought 50 dollars was an outlandish price for a special edition. that seems like the good old days now lolz

and the artwork that we got was much better in those. I didn't leave mine sealed for a collectible I opened them up and enjoyed it - at the time %50 meant more to me than $100 does now:P