Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Soul Calibur 4

So posted 2 characters a few days ago here.
And I threatened to post another it is.

This was the best I could do with what I had to make Xena:
I know I know, she usually uses a Chakram, but I felt Tira's Hoop
was too big so I went with a sword instead.

And just because I can....
This is my preferred Character, Kitty Meowmeow:
Yes, she is holding Shishkebab

She uses Cervantes' fighting style and uses Shishkebab. My husband HATES her so much because I consistently kick his ass with her, lol


s4ndm4n said...

You kick his ass with a shishkebab? LMAO! I like the name but I really like Xena's looks.. very nice.

SihayatheFremen said...

Thanks. I was even able to give the Xena character a voice that sounds somewhat like Lucy Lawless's Xena voice. She uses Yun Seong's move set which is a great mid to close range style with a lot of kicks and splits..i felt it suited the "Xena" persona.

And yeah, my Shishkebab kick ass! Don't be decieved by the silly weapon. they are used exactly like Cervantes' sword and gunblade combo, so they are pretty deadly.
I OWN him with her.

I gotta say that SC3 had the best CAS, because it offered a lot more choices for customization and even separate fighting styles unlike the regular roster of characters.

i'm waiting for a miassive price drop on SC5 before I pick it up.
While I had fun with SC4 (mostly with creating characters) its the weakest one before 5 was released.