Saturday, September 15, 2012

better late than never, right?

So Yesterday I wasn't feeling all that well and I never got around to posting Steam game codes like I normally do.

I feel like this week *I* need to apologize for the codes I'm posting, but, then again, these aren't my types of games, hopefully one of you will be able to enjoy them... (I'll have some better ones next week)
As usual, there will be a different game code on my FB page.

Before I post the code just giving a quick update. I'll be posting a new video some time next week and a review or rant (depending on the ending) for Call of Juarez Bound in Blood.
Now I recognize that a lot of the games I review are not super popular and are definitely not "new" but, that's just me. I review what I play and I play shit randomly, old and new a like. I don't expect my reviewing style or choices will change any time soon. The exception might be Borderlands 2.

Ok so Code....

Making History: The Calm & The Storm

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