Monday, September 17, 2012

My Borderlands 2 rant

you dont have to read this as it isnt really game related I just wanted to vent.

As you know i'm super excited about the Borderlands 2 loot box. So is my son who is Borderlands crazy.
I pre-ordered the chest in May when it came out, around his Birthday.
Today it still hadnt been charged. I go to amazon to check and it says i have to update my addy and payment info (that I've used for over 5 yrs) ok fine i go do that. wont accept it. I contact support. They tell me the order has been deactivated and they need to cancel it and then redo it. I explain that its sold out so that wont work. and that I dont understand why my addy and payment method are an issue now.
THey keep me waiting for awhile and finally tell em to basically go fuck myself.
That they cant do anything and are cancelling my order.

So, who wants to explain to my son that he isnt getting the loot box?
or explain to me why it is amazon fucked me over and cancelled my order which had proper funding and a correct address since MAY and that they hadnt even bothered to email a problem so had i not checked i would have sat here waiting for something that would never arrive.

if you wanna see all the gory details head on over to my Fb page:

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