Thursday, September 20, 2012

Getting in the right mindset again

Ok so I know I've been doing the whole video thing but, I feel that that doesn't mean I should neglect the writing thing. honestly I dont even know if I'll stick with the video thing. So far I've been feeling a bit awkward doing it. But that might have to do with the fact I'm just babbling and don't actually plan anything out.
At the same time, that's just kinda how I am. I blurt out shit as it comes to mind, my thoughts go all over the place and sometimes its hard to follow where I jump to next but its just me.

I've been thinking about what to talk about, write about, how to be more interesting or funny and I realized that's never gonna work. When i started writing I was just myself, no one read it and I kept writing it. Not that my readership is big but its gone up from like my one friend who doesn't game beyond FB and Sims who would comment just cause she's my friend (Hi Michelle!)
I know that I should feel very good to know that the people who do read this have stuck with it through all my tantrums, rage quits and life altering dramas. Ya'll are always patient and you kindly return when I say something new. Thanks guys.

So this is going to probably be long and probably ramble on a bit. There might also be a quiz later, so you know (totally not making that up lol).

Throughout all my recent personal issues and dramas I made it a point to still find a few spare moments to just fire up a game and give it a 5 minute test drive at least. I think it helped me in some small way to get through stuff.
As a result I dabbled in a few games even if I didnt get far or even finish most of them. Last one I finished was Binary Domain and i did manage to review it too.

I've been focusing more on PC games lately just because its the one thing I neglect almost as badly as I do my PS3. and its also something I'm not very good at, the greatest words i can read on a Steam Game page is "Controller enabled"
I've also been focusing more on PC games because through my drama, and my birthday and more drama a lot of people have taken money out of their pockets to gift me games I wanted but couldnt afford at the moment and I want them to know I appreciate it and they aren't gifting me the equivalent of a scented candle I toss in a closet. I never buy or wishlist a game I don't want or don't intend to play. However, I have no idea when I'll get to things, though I've at least started all the games I've been gifted.

What I need currently is feedback. Let me know what it is you would like me to talk about more. I've been thinking that, given the name of this blog I'd like to get my kids more involved in it with me. I recently did a Video with my daughter as you know cause its like right under this post. It was kind of a mishmash because it was utterly spur of the moment but, I felt more comfortable with her there and it was fun to do. So maybe having them join in once in a while would be something that might get me back to the original intent of this blog. The fact that I'm a raving nutjob mother of 3 who games.

I've started a poll over on the OMG FB page just really a simple yes-no type deal with a request for comments, suggestions, whatever, so if you have FB head over there and give me your thoughts, if not, well you can always leave a comment here or reach me pretty much anywhere online. I swear i'm all over the damn place.


s4ndm4n said...

I voted "yes" to your videos although I don't usually watch video blogs. I think if you enjoy doing them you should keep going with it.

Just a note, the poll didn't have a place to comment so that's why I'm commenting here :)

Keep talking about the games, like you do, but for new ideas, I think including your kids would be fun. Do any of them like to write? Have them write about their favorite games, do mini reviews and such. That would really be fun! :)

mrslilypond said...

Hi Back!

Sihaya Atreides said...

hehe! I'd be so lonely without you Michelle lol