Sunday, September 18, 2011

Rapture--a Bioshock prequel

First off I want to say that this is not going to be some huge involved post. My allergies are killing me and I can't go more than 5 minutes without a sneeze attack, which makes it hard to type and see.

Second, I noticed on Amazon that the sequel to that POS Elder Scrolls novel is being released soon, I'm pondering if I should buy it just to rip on it some more but then figure that I could be using that time more productively..for example I could organize my junk drawer, play hopscotch on my driveway, try to teach an ant how to sit, stay and rollover. you know, deep meaningful stuff that is more important than bad elder Scrolls books.

But anyways, So I got the Bioshock novel last week and couldn't put it down. It really was fascinating. It was interesting to see what many of the characters were like before Rapture and before life in Rapture went to hell in a hand basket. The main protagonist, who is not in the game for reasons explained in the book was interesting, complex, conflicted by his experiences and beliefs.

Fontaine was...Its funny, You know, the role Fontaine played in the game never really sat all that well with me. It seemed so...pointless and silly. Don't get me wrong I LOVED every minute of bioshock, except maybe the part where I had to be a slow boring Big Daddy. but Fontaine and his motives never sat well with me. Well they sit even worse with me now. I don't want to spoil it for anyone who decides to read the book, and read it you should if you like Bioshock, but without throwing out spoilers Fontaine really had no reason to do the things he chose to do aside from the whole "I am the villain of this piece" necessity. At first it made sense but once things got rolling, it was truly an unnecessary course of actions to take. Someone as smart as Fontaine would have figured out that the course of action he has planned would  not be the most profitable or intelligent. I won't even go into how many ways the "Atlas" persona was a pointless idea on his part.

The novel gave good insight into Andrew Ryan and his mindset. Which really shows why Rapture was going to end up the way it did no matter what. Sooner rather than later, Andrew Ryan and his "issues" were going to destroy Rapture.

Its so hard for me to try and write about this without gushing about how good it was or gushing a billion spoilers. Just....Read it. If you love Bioshock read it. If you just like a good novel, readt it.


Jim said...

I have the first Bioshock which I have yet to finish.

I have heard great things about Rapture from a couple of other friends

Sihaya said...

The first game was AMAZING. I'll be honest, I bought the Bioshock 2 CE because it was on sale and I liked the goodies in it but I've only played the game for about 20 minutes. Not really a big fan of being a Big Daddy.

Jim said...

the Rapture game was on sale for PS3 and i played a little of it and it is not really all that so far as i can tell.

SihayatheFremen said...

which Bioshock game? the first one or the second one? Because the first game was brilliant, I've only played a little bit of the second game and it didnt do much for me which is why I havent touch it since.