Thursday, February 24, 2011

Call me Butter cause I'm on a roll...

  I have been gaming a lot more these days and I have managed to complete yet another game. I feel so good finally finishing a few games. Not that it diminishes my "to be played/finished" pile all that much but, gotta start somewhere.
  What did I finish this time? Something I should have finished ages ago, Gears of War. Currently I'm working on getting through Gears of War 2, so I should be done with that soon as well.
    So like I said, I'm playing more games lately and its been really cool to get back to really gaming.Along with working on GoW2 I've gone back to Dragon Age: Origins. I am SO behind in that game and DA2 is about to drop, played the demo to that and I really cant wait to play it.

    I've also started playing Mass Effect 2 and I have SUCH mixed feelings on that game. On one hand the game is beautiful and the story compelling and I will finally get to realize the dream I have had since Mass romance Garrus (I love that Turian). On the other hand i hate the combat changes and the lack of an inventory. I'm havinga hard time getting into the game because of these changes. Oh and MY GOD I despise Miranda. She looks like a man and is bitchier than me after running out of Midol during PMS.
   Today I started playing Bulletstorm. Its pretty amusing but I dont feel its worth $60. I will admit that the 12yr old boy in me loves all the creative combinations of curse words. Basically its kind of a game where I can shut my brain off and just go on a killing spree. There's a story but frankly, I dont think I care about what the hell is going on. Just send more fodder for me to leash and shoot.

   On the Handheld front I'm not doing as well as I am on my consoles. I got far enough in Pokemon Black to get my fifth gym badge and then kinda switched on over to Dragon Quest VI when that came out. Dont get me wrong, Black is fun and there are enough changes in it to not make it feel like I'm playing the same damn game for the umpteenth time but I can only catch so many pokemon before my brain starts melting.
   Dragon Quest VI is now the 4th DQ game I've started on my DS. I have finished none... I think the one I got farthest in was Hand of the Heavenly Bride. I enjoy them a lot but I tend to get lost and get tired of trying to figure out where to go next. Also..would it KILL these people to let me save at nay point and not just at the churches? I mean, REALLY.

  I haven't really played much of anything on my PSP, not for lack of games, just lack of time with all the other ones I'm playing. I'd like to get through Ghost of Sparta, Star Ocean Second Evolution and at least one Ys game. I'd also like to start Tactics Ogre Let Us Cling Together....but lord knows when I'll get around to it.

  PC games I have a TON of them that I havent even started and probably wont get to anytime soon. My current goal is to get back to playing The Witcher since I pre-ordered The Witcher 2. I also started Sacred and Divinity 2 and really like them so I'd like to get through them at some point.

  Neglected are my stacks of PS2, PS3, Gamecube and Wii games.... I think the last thing I played on PS2 was Champions of Norrath for like the 23rd time ages ago. My PS3 normally doesnt get use unless I'm playing Singstar. I did start Uncharted: Drake's Fortune but I haven't finished it, got to one really annoying puzzle and just said "to hell with it" and put it away for now. My Gamecube has always been much neglected, even when it was new and "in" (was the Gamecube ever "in"? I dont think so). I would like to finish Twilight Princess someday and maybe Prince of Persia The Two Thrones....And maybe start Crystal Chronicles.
 Much like its predecessor my Wii gets the least amount of love from me. Last thing I played on that was Just Dance 2 with my kids. Its not that I dont havea few good choice titles, its just that I cant seem to ever remember the Wii exists except when my parents visit and my mom kicks my ass at Boxing.

   While finishing a handful of games isn't really gonna put a dent in my pile, it does make me feel a little better and its made me a little more determined to try and get through some of my other games.
   One final word....I have done something I never thought I would...I'm playing a game on Facebook! OMG!! Lol.  I got int the Dragon Age Legends Beta and I've been playing it on and off. Its not that bad a game actually. I had played The first DA Flash game, Dragon Age Journeys and liked it pretty well. I had expected Legends to be more in the vein of Journeys but its extremely different and at first I found it a little lacking but after putting a few hours into it. I'm enjoying it.

    So that's pretty much it for right now. I'm too Codeined for any deep gaming insights.




Mommyof2changas said...

Thank God you didnt say Farmville, or Mafiawars! jajaja. I do have friends playing and growing pot on Facebook! ;)

Sihaya said...

I dont do Farmville or any of that. I have real games to play. But I love Dragon Age.

Jim said...

I do avoid all FB games like the plague. stared one awhile back and had to delete it. Flash games can get as addictive as real video games if you get started and have a ton of friends involved in the darn things.

Sihaya said...

I'm lucky, I have no friends therefore I have no motivation to play horrid FB games...also.. Why would i waste time on Farmville when I could play Harvest Moon or Rune Factory...similar principles just much better implemented and a whole lot more enjoyable.

The Dragon Age game is pretty fun though and its actually one of the main things that made me step over to the dark side (FB)