Saturday, February 12, 2011

Darkspore and other things

   I've been so quiet haven't I? What have I been doing? Not a whole lot.
   I've been spending most of my time playing Pokemon Black. Pokemon is one of those games that I play for hours and hours on end and when i finally stop I look up and wonder "Why the hell did i just blow all those hours on this?"
   I do feel victorious because I FINALLY...FINALLY finished Mass Effect the other night. YAY ME!! I started Mass Effect 2 now along with Gears of War (yes, I've had Gears 1 and 2 for ages and i had yet to seriously play Gears).
   I've picked up a huge list of games...not that I ever play them. You know me, I love collecting games. I dont think I could even begin to list all the games I've gotten. So, I'll mention some of the BIG titles I've bought or pre-ordered.
  Little Big Planet 2....maybe one of these days I'll get around to playing the first one.
  Dragon Age 2....maybe I'll get around to finishing the first one and all the DLC and the expansion.
  Witcher 2...maybe I'll finish the first one...
I'm sensing a trend here....

   Now, I just made an unscheduled Pre-order a couple days ago. I played the demo to Bulletstorm and damn that was awesome! I had to immediately hit Amazon to pre-order. Cannot WAIT to play that. it might replace Borderlands as my go to game when I just wanna shoot things.

   So I guess I should get to the Title of this post...Darkspore. I got into the Beta and started playing today. I didnt get very far, just the second world or whatever. I'm a little disappointed...I didnt find much substance to this game and the customization is limited and awkward. I'm really not feeling it at all. I didnt play online, just did the single player so maybe its more fun with others but from what I've seen so far..if this is all the game is, its a big disappointment.


Marco Antonio said...

Ghanima!!! Hey! Holy crap it works! This is Kravyn81 from over @ GS. Remember a while back I was having problems viewing your blog for some bizarre reason? Well I just checked back in randomly now after months and months of not checking in, go to my homepage and all of a sudden your blogs are showing up in my thingy so I can see them. I don't know what happened 'cause I haven't been here in months but it works now! So I'll definitely be checking you out (your blogs I mean ;)) from now on

Sihaya said...

Why Hello! I must admit I've let my blog go for a long time now. I'm gonna try to be a little more regular about updating it again.
Nice to hear from you again. :)