Monday, April 11, 2011

All nighters and dammit give me my smurfin' phone back!

   So as usual. I forget to update this damn thing. Its not that I don't want to, its not that I don't have stuff to write about, its that I'm a lazy procrastinator. Not only that but, for some reason no one needs me until I either sit down to write or decide to draw.
  So lets see...where to start..its been a while and there's so much....

  Ok, well lets start with games I've been playing.
  When last I posted I was playing Gears 2 and had started Bulletstorm among other games. Well I did manage to complete both of those. YAY! I actually finished Bulletstorm in one sitting on a Saturday. Man I laughed so damn hard I almost cried. Definitely a game worth renting. I still stand by my conclusion that it isnt worth $60 but, from the bargain bin? or a rental? Hell yeah. "Sushi Dick" is actually one of my favorite sayings now, its even better than "Dick Tits". You know, for all the hype about the games was really not all that bad. Honestly, there was only one part of the dialog that bothered one point Grayson says "Super Duper. Color me Jubilant" and I couldn't help but wonder... "Jubilant? really? Scuzzy drunk space pirate...Jubilant?"  Yes, of all the offensive dialog, that was what bugged the hell out of me. Aside from that the game was pretty amusing, good for killing 6-8 hours.

  But, 6-8 hours, thats not exactly an all-nighter is it? No, that honor was reserved for Dragon Age: Origins. Coming off my victorious high from finishing Gears 1 & 2 and Bulletstorm, I decided I would make some progress in DA:O. What started as a little evening drooling over how dreamy Alistair is, became some driving need to get through the damn game already. Took me 20 hours straight, but I finished it. I killed that damn Archdemon. I felt triumphant joy for about 30 seconds, then I realized, "now I need to get through the DLC and the Expansion" I started the first DLC and realized I was all Dragon Age-ed out. Still havent gone back to it, though I need to because I am dying to play DA2. Maybe this week...maybe.
  Another game that keeps on racking the hours is Borderlands. According to Raptr I've put 353 hours into it so far, though I dont think thats exactly right since for a while I was playing  every night for hours and it didn't moved from 295. I'm not sure why I play so much Borderlands, it doesn't exactly have a riveting story. But damn if I'm not addicted to Mordecai's maniacal laugh.

   It hasn't all been game playing on my consoles. I've gone on many little shopping sprees as well. Recent additions to my library include God of War 3, Uncharted 2, Folklore, Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, Dynasty Warriors 7, Brotherhood of Steel, 123...kick it, Hoard, and plenty more that have completely slipped my mind. But much like an infomercial announcer...thats not all!
   Recently we have acquired an iPad. At first, it sat there in its box, looking pathetic and lonely. I tried to like it, but I couldn't, it seemed so pointless to me. I found some use for it looking up game guides while outside smoking, but, really, that wasn't exactly a good reason to fire up the iPad. (honestly, there really is no real reason to own one of these things). So i started messing around and downloaded a few games. Yes, Angry Birds was one of the first games I downloaded, followed by Fruit Ninja and...dare i admit it....Smurf Village. Suddenly I couldn't put the damn thing down. I quickly accepted that I sucked at Angry Birds, but I make a kick ass Fruit Ninja. The Smurfs are my gaming shame. I find it idiotic and dull. Its ridiculous that you either have to drop a wad of cash or wait an eternity for everything to finish, reset, be available for use. However, I can't help myself. I'm now at level 13 of this asinine game. I think I need professional help.

  Another recent acquisition was a new phone.
  Tired of my POS LG Neon turning itself off randomly and annoyingly. Especially mid text message. I decided it was time for an upgrade. I felt out of the technology loop so, I got an HTC Inspire. I love my  I'm not sure how well it does with phone calls, but damn if I don't love playing with the thing. Sadly, my kids have realized that mommy has all sorts of games on her phone and if left unguarded, my phone will be found in tiny hands.

  So now I can expand my obsession with acquiring games to encompass the iPad and my Droid phone...But just to feel like I'm not just pointlessly wasting time slicing fruit every chance I get...I have books on them too...Currently I'm reading Tuck on the iPad. Its the final book in a trilogy about Robin Hood by Stephen Lawhead.(years ago he wrote a fabulous series of books about King Arthur called The Pendragon Cycle. I highly recommend it) and I'm about to start Journey to the West on my phone. Also, to live up to my name and as further proof of my obsession, I have the full collection of Dune books on both my phone and iPad. Along with the Chronicles of Amber by Roger Zelazny. If you haven't read any of these books, read them! They are amazing.
  While the ipad has just become my pointless game timewaster, my phone has proven to be much more useful (still havent used it for calls much). I've started working out and watching my calories in an attempt to get myself in Bikini shape by this summer. Let me tell ya, I laughed when I first got my 5 minute ab workout app. I wasn't laughing so much afterward. I was too out of breath and aching to laugh. BRUTAL.
   Meanwhile my kids continue to make me proud of their gaming ways.

Sapito has an addiction to Borderlands almost as big as mine. He also has much love for Lego games. I swear, I suck at all those Lego games. Not him. He's finished Lego Star Wars on the PS2, PSP and DS more times than I can count. Same with Lego Indiana Jones 1 and 2 and Lego Batman. I recently bought him Lego Indy 1&2 and Batman for the 360. Also got him Lego Star Wars 3 on the PC. I thought he would explode from glee. He's anxiously awaiting the release of Lego Pirates of the Caribbean, and I must admit...I kinda am too. I love me some Jack Sparrow, even if he's in Lego form. He gave Vanquish a good try and lately he's been going around kicking all our asses at Marvel Vs Capcom 3 and Mortal Kombat Vs DC Universe. (he loves rubbing it in that he beat me with my favorite character every time he wins with Wesker)

Ghani, is more quirky in her gaming choices.She has the Borderlands bug as well, but she also loves to rack up hours in Fallout New Vegas. We both share much love for Boone. Though I admit, I might love him just a tad more. She's played a bit of Bulletstorm and Call of Duty Black Ops but her real love is The Sims 3. I am not a Sims person but, whatever floats her boat.

Falls, is the least gaming oriented one. She can go weeks without touching a single game. She gave Vanquish a try and liked it ok, but it didnt really grab her. She likes playing Fruit Ninja a lot and something called Pocket Frogs on the ipad. (they all love that frog game).

I could write so much more but the natives are restless and I cant concentrate anymore. I'll try to be a little more regular is my updates.


Jim said...

I have read all the Chronicles of Amber several times and finally gave them to the library so other people could enjoy them since I had them all in hard covers and the librarian lives across the street from me.

We some times have Kentucky Fried Lizard parts together.

you did some real gaming but I have never been inclined to get an iPad.
have had my fill of Apple products

Sihaya said...

believe me...if we had to pay for the ipad, we wouldnt have one. its just an overpriced, glorified toy.
I hate apple. which is why I got a droid phone.
I spent $300 on my ipod a few years back and it never worked right. now it doesnt work at all.