Wednesday, November 14, 2012

So many Deals!!!

So, I went back slightly on my NO AMAZON boycott...I feel dirty, but I am soothed by the salve of awesome game deals.

First I got Prototype 1, 2 and the Radnet DLC for 2 for just $10 WOOT!
Then yesterday Darksiders 2 went on sale on Steam fora price i couldnt pass up...sadly the DLc wasnt on least not on Steam. The season pass however was on sale for like $7 on Amazon, so I got the game on steam and the pass on Amazon. Now I just need the other 2 game DLcs and I'll be set.

I ordered myself a Shane Walsh action figure, for those that have no clue who he is and don't read my FB:
Kinda looks like Patrick Stewart and Jon Bernthal had a kid lol

I also splurged on this masterpiece:

Hoping I can get his Brother soon after to keep him company. To me This is Vergil and his brother has white hair just like him and a big red leather coat. No emo meth-head Dante for me...EVER.

My "Sunday Shirt" arrived yesterday, cant wait to wear it.
If you are confused, my Sunday Shirt is a sweet sweet  Shirt of Daryl Dixon. Gonna rock that while I watch Walking Dead on Sunday nights. :P

My last YT vid was pretty bad cause I was just feeling ill and tired and it was worse than usual. Hoping to do better next time.
I also havent been posting much here because I've been consumed by Style Savvy Trendsetters on 3DS...who would have thought? I'm secretly girly lol