Friday, March 22, 2013

Been a while and now I feel guilty

That the only thing I'm gonna post is a copy/paste from FB..But, its a good copy/paste, I swear.

Last night I was typing...with David and Nocturne about mods and since I was in bed already I didn't have the names handy. So, I'm gonna go ahead and post a list of the quest mods I have installed at the moment, granted I have not played a lot of them yet but they come fairly well recommended.
Cause I'm lazy, these are from the Steam Workshop. I tend to hit Nexus only when something isn't on Workshop. I know nothing about mods or console commands and so the Workshop just makes it easier for me. I'm including links to make them easier to find.
Anyways, I'll shut up and list now.

First one, is actually a series of mods that let you actually deal with and fight against the Thalmor:

Telvanni Hall deals with Telvanni mages that are settled in Skyrim

The Fang of Haynekhtnamet: A quest for a mystical dagger with a pain in the ass name.

Moonpath to Elsweyr: Kinda self explanatory, you go to Elsweyr to adventure and meet kitty people

Quest: And the Realms of Daedra: a Visit back to the Realms of Oblivion

Markarth Undercity: adds new places to explore in the Dwarven ruins under Markarth

Quest: No Mercy: A quest dealing with those creepy Vigilant of Stendarr weirdos

Quest: Sorcery: A treasure hunt for magical artifacts

Quest: Sea Of Ghosts -Ultimate Edition-: Come on, you getot be on a boat! Who cares what its about!

The Dark Brotherhood Resurrection: Part 1: This one takes place after you complete the Dark Brotherhood Questline.

Quest: Into the Depths: Ok, this one I actually played last night, well yesterday evening and boy am I glad it was light out too!(I spook easy) As far as content goes its pretty short and pretty linear but, for me at least it was more about the ambience than anything else. Creepy sounds and images, strange places, and a fairly tough fight at the end. It will seriously not take you very long to complete but its so worth it.

Gersonia: An amazing Dwemer dungeon to explore (make sure you are a decent level and/or well stocked)

The Morthal Legacy: Morthal seemed so creepy when I got there but it kinda fizzled out, this adds some sizzle to it.

Daedra Realm of Clavicus Vile (kinda self explanatory right?

and finally

This one I'm not so sure about:
Rescue Bronwen!: From what I read its the Skyrim version of TAKEN...but without the Liam Nieson :/ I havent' tried it yet, not sure if I will or not

This is not a Quest mod but one that I think most people will appreciate:
Remove Lydia's Trade Dialog: You'll never have to hear that snotty bitch sarcastically say "I am sworn to carry your burdens"

So that's pretty much it for quest mods, I have a few smaller quest mods installed that deal mostly with new homes and such but,those are kind of a dime a dozen.
Plus of course armor and clothes mods which i'm thinking of taking screens of with my new character...

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