Friday, June 28, 2013


Borrowing my little monsters' PC right now just to say...No, I have not forgotten this place at all. Its taking me longer than I expected to scrape together the cash to fix my PC and so, most of the time I'm using my phone for all my internet needs. While its ok for reading stuff its a nightmare for writing anything more than a couple of sentences. My friend and now Co-admin on my FB page, Nocturne has been keeping shit going on my FB page....basically I am taking a sabbatical because A. I have no PC and B. Shit pissed me off but all that means is that I'm bombarding the poor guy with links to articles for him to post for me, cause i'm a pain in the ass...but a cute one. :p

I will hopefully get back online permanently soon, and I have some game codes I'll be posting here and on my FB page and some other stuff I've got planned, including some game reviews...don't expect me to review any hot new popular games, you know I never do :P
In a way I'm glad I wasn't on here for that whole Xbox One cluster fuck because my rants were epic and scary. For the record I preordered a PS4 but i'll probably cancel not because I'm defecting to XboxOne but because I really don't think I want a launch console.
All a launch Console gives you is headaches and bragging rights.

So, I'll be back soon, thanks for sticking with me, if you REALLY need to hear me lose my shit on a more regular basis just click the top link there in the left hand column and head over to my FB page.

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