Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Lord its been months hasn't it?

I don't even know if anyone even comes here anymore. If you do, then, I apologize for neglecting this place.
Life had been dealing me heaps of shit to deal with and the hits keep coming. I've also gotten much more wrapped up in my Fb page...seems people tolerate me better in small bite size doses lol
I've also been gaming a lot, mostly on handhelds.

So I do have tons and tons and tons of shit I could talk about, and would like to talk about, problem is...where to start.

Um...for a while there I got utterly addicted to Corpse Party, don't know what that is? I'll do a little write up about it later.

I'm still struggling to finish Persona 4 Golden and I'm starting to believe that game is never ending..seriously...I cannot finish this damn game

If my writing seems rushed its because Im fighting against the clock here.
y'see idid get my PC fixed recently but...then my AC broke and its so damn hot that my Pc is overheating again. Not its fault...I'm fucking overheating here! lol
I hope the days cool off soon or my Ac gets fixed somehow because if not I might overheat for good.

I'll be back, promise...and it wont take me 2 months this time.

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