Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Under Construction

Well I Promise that there will be content on here within the next couple of days. Perhaps some of you will have already read those posts on other sites and I apologize for that but bear with me. New Material will be coming soon after.

Slated for the coming weeks:

A view of Female Gamers (I know, this is a topic that has been PLAYED OUT but I think I can offer a little something new to to it)

Reviews of a few games (still considering which)

A spot on "Gaming Widows"

A list of some of the great games that have been overlooked on Handhelds.

How to game when you have kids.

And plenty more...

I'll also actually introduce myself properly :)


James Henderson said...

Guess you bit the blogging bullet too and all! :P Welcome aboard!

Sihaya said...

Yeah, my husband has been talking about it for a while, since i started doing game reviews for the library and then with the whole scribblenauts thing he felt I should really give it a try, so here I am. Clueless but trying :)