Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Gaming Christmas!!!

I know, I know, this place is still pretty blank but tomorrow I'll be hard at work giving ya'll something to read.

I had planned on some big ole intro but I'll probably just dive right in with some interesting stuff.

Also this wouldn't be O.M.G. if we didn't hear from our correspondents (the kids).
I believe Ghanima (age 10 going on 35) has a little something to say about having a gaming mom along with a short review of a surprisingly deep and fun game which I would never have considered playing but I'm thrilled I'll find out the name if you come back in a few.
Waterfalls (8 and a bit scary) is also working up a little something but she won't let me see what just yet.(I fear for the safety of the world when she gets secretive)

Christmas here was an interesting and profitable time.
RC Cars and Anime Plushies were to be had by all. A few DVDs here and there and of course the most important stuff....GAMES!!!!!

I walked away with Modern Warfare 2 and Fallout 3

Big R (Hubby) got L4D2 and House of the Dead Overkill

And PM Frog (Pimp Master) aka my son walked away with Burnout Paradise

Not a bad haul really. Hopefull I'll get to these sooner than I've gotten to last Christmas games (still haven't played any of them.)

I hope your Christmas was as good as ours...ok well, maybe a little more drama-free.

Time for me to run along and clean up Tamagotchi Poop before the Tamagotchi dies...really, I always kill those things. Thank God they took away the discipline that could actually kill them because I recall having a knock off that was a little bat and I swear I must have beaten that thing to death more times than I can count.

Make sure you come back :)

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