Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bayonetta- The hair that launched 3 Xbox Profiles

   As I'm sitting here at my desk watching Supernatural reruns and perusing my favorite sites my son is in my bedroom playing Bayonetta.
    So, I guess the first question to come to mind is, "Why is my son home from school?" He's got a cold. Second question. "How old is he?" He's 5 1/2. I guess that brings another question on, "Why is he playing Bayonetta!?" Because in this house we prefer discussion, education and interaction to prohibitions and dances around subjects. Make of that what you will.
    But I digress, this is not intended to be another of my super long rants but a medium length commentary on the game Bayonetta. Not a review, mind you but a sort of Impressions/Reactions type thing.
     The firs time I heard of Bayonetta was in an issue of "EGM". The thought of heel guns and hair attacks made me giddy and I waited anxiously for the game. I knew it would be a total day 1 purchase for me, just as I knew DMC4 would be a day one purchase.
     I did get DMC4 on day one and truly regret spending the $60 on it. You would think that disappointment in one over the top stylized free for all with a smack talkin' main character would cure my enthusiasm for another. Instead, just the opposite happened, I clung to the hopes of awesomeness to get over the let down of DMC4.
    As we all know gaming is an expensive hobby. consoles, accessories, games, DLC it adds up and these days times are pretty hard. Sadly, we've felt the financial hits as well so I've had to seriously scale back my game buying. One of the things this means is that I wait for price drops or buy games used, its gotta be a  really fabulous game to get me to pay full price. Hell I just got Fallout 3 for Christmas this year because I couldn't bring myself to buy it full price.
   So, unfortunately, on day one, I was not able to buy Bayonetta. Two days later, post-payday I was able to buy it, brand spankin' new, all covered in shrink rap and hug it all the way home.
   Normally, whenever I buy a game one of a few things happens:
  • I read the manual and then put the game away for later.
  • I pop it in to make sure the disk works (if I bought it used) and then put it away
  • I decide to actually play it and everyone leaves the room. They might pop in for a few minutes just to see, but no one stays.
  • my  husband stays to make fun of the game and then fall asleep 15 minutes into it. 9Oh the memories of Oblivion...)
    This time it was none of the above. I did read the manual but then I put the game in and started playing, everyone stopped to check it out and an hour later were still there.
     My husband not only managed to stay awake the whole time, he was actually disappointed when I decided to quit for the night. (He even finished a boss for me when my hand cramped so bad I couldn't press the buttons)
    My daughters were enthralled with Bayonetta. They think she's beautiful and graceful, they love the hair, the clothes...ok, I guess that falls under hair..the guns, the ass kickings and the attitude. Oh yeah and the break dancing. Everyone loves the break dancing.
     My son, well he likes Bayonetta for the obvious reasons, she's hot and she loses most of her clothes  quite often. Oh yeah and the hair dragon thingie, he loves that hair dragon a lot.
      While I played, my oldest daughter asked me shyly..."Mom, do you think we could play this some time?" 
        A couple of days after that I made my daughters' their own profiles and my oldest started playing Bayonetta. sure she's playing on Easy but she's gotten farther in than I have. Her sister hasn't had a chance to play yet but she's got her profile ready to play this weekend, and my son has his own profile which he's using to play right now. Granted none of their profiles are connected to Live, nor will they be, but aside from that they are "official" on my 360. They really like the fact that they now have their own profiles and that when they unlock achievements their score goes up, plus they don'thaveto worry about messing up my save.
        I'm actually surprised at how well both my daughter and my son play. Of course my son calls me to fight the bosses for him but even still, he does pretty well. He even figured out how to go to the shop and bought himself lollipops and techniques. and my daugher? forget about it, she's better at stringing combos than I am.
         My husband is even considering playing Bayonetta after seeing how much fun we are all having, not to mention the awesomely gorgeous graphics and the crazy combos and moves.
           I really can't find a single flaw in this game, except maybe the fat that Jeanne has a hideous outfit.
       Wow, I did not intend to make this so long. Well that's it for now.

Disco a go go Baby!

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