Saturday, January 2, 2010

Good Morning

I haven't forgotten that I owe you some Sexism, with pics.
I'm just popping in early to say hello.

Roughly A week ago Kotaku made me a Starred Commentor after A couple of Posts about Scribblenauts and a chat via phone with the Creator of Scribblenauts on their Podcast. (I'll post all that stuff later)

Well Today I have lost my Shiny Gold Star. I'm not sure why but alas, tis gone.

Easy come, Easy go I guess.
I guess that one good thing to come from this (at least for me) is this Blog and the new "friends" I made with my Post about Scribblenauts and my kids.

Star, no star. Guess it shouldn't matter. I didn't write the post for attention, I wrote it because it was how I felt, and I will continue to write my thoughts and feelings, regardless.

So that's it for now, a small rant.

Oh and a word of caution. If you know me from Kotaku or Gamespot, a few of the upcoming posts will be copy pasta. (you've been warned)


Anonymous said...

"@respekt: Feminism has become completely twisted from what it originally was. Now its beginning to hurt the female cause instead of help it."

Seems someone in the hierarchy disagrees with you and can't take the fact that you're probably right. It's been happening a lot this past week or so, and to be honest it's kinda tempting me to NOT comment there any more. I like my opinions, and I like talking to people about it afterwards, whether they agree with me or not. But de-starring without at least a bit of discussion about it? That just looks childish.

Sihaya said...

you know its funny. That's what my husband said.
I thought he was just trying to make me feel better.

He said to me: Bottom line is this, first Scribblenauts, Then Women and gaming and you've brought something new and real to the table and they don't like it, you're making them look stupid. You were probably th e reason they DID a podcast with the creator of Scribblnauts. (my husband LOVES to flatter me, he's got me on such a high pedestal I'm getting vertigo. I kid. I love that he has so much faith in me but I can't help but think a lot of it is undeserved.)

I told him that I did promote a few people on AJ's goodbye post about the ridiculous Modern Warfare debacle and how a lot of her research is sloppy and her game reviews are..well..lets say hit and miss. So I figured that probably got me unstarred too.

He says possibly but that it all ties together to having a strong point of view and expressing it.

I emailed Luke, who was the one that De-starred me but he hasn't bothered to respond. I don't think I'll ever find out why I was unstarred.

I guess I'll just keep posting my thoughts and reviews on here for you, my one and only reader :)

My husband is like "Email Totilo, he's the one that starred you, he might give it back"
my response was, Why would he care if I got de-starred? I'm not gonna bother.

I tend to piss people off a lot with my big ole mouth.

Kobun said...

Yeah, that is ridiculous. I didn't look at your post history -- your destarring was noted over at the Kotakuites board -- but that seems way overboard. Then again, given what you noted in your posting history, perhaps Luke is looking over prior posts reviewing starred people as it were. Even then, it makes the offending post look as if it were unfairly judged without a decent explanation.

Sihaya said...

Its cool. I mean, its not like the star really did all that much for me in the whole week I had it. I'll just continue to rant my crazy woman rants here. :)

James Henderson said...

Guess I'm not the only reader now eh?

In a way without building an extention onto that big pedestal you got yourself, maybe you're right about them having Jeremiah Slaczka on their podcast, after all, you were also the basis of Crecente's Well Played article as well, so I can't blame you for feeling like your own story was sorta "used" for their own gains.

Either way , AJ's gone, hopefully they find a suitable replacement that has a better sense of humour and can take a bit of criticism on the chin to replace.

Hell I got involved in that whole MW2 mess when I said in passing "controversy creates cash" and she got all uppity about it. Granted I mailed her afterwards and she said she was OK with it, apologised and explained that they were getting a lot of stick over the "5 steps to a gamer girl's heart" debacle as well. I'm surprised I didn't even get reported to the higher-ups, let alone destarred or disemvoweled.