Sunday, January 3, 2010

Women and gaming- Sexism. Update

So, I'm a day late as usual. I apologize, I'm lazy.
Ok, its only partly laziness. As you know (cause I mention it ad nauseam) I have kids. 3 of the little buggers, and they are home on Winter break. Its cold out and its been rainy so I have 3 kids pent up in a house getting restless.

I had fully intended to work on this last night but by the time everyone was in bed I was too tired. Now my 4th child is home as well (that would be my husband) and I've got a million distractions.
Right now I'm gathering up the images I want to post between breaks to help my son play Elite Beat Agents, refereeing my girls and watching Torchwood with my husband, not exactly Ideal working conditions. Of course its all part and parcel of being a mom, especially a gaming one. Thank god for wireless controllers, Pause buttons and autosave!

Update: Hard at work right now. somehow a little quest for pics led me to wikipedia which led me to start some research which just made me get all ambitious, which has led to more research which is gonna lead to one helluva long post  very soon.

SO I swear and Promise that if you come back tonight I WILL have this damn thing written.
There will be boobs, there will be upskirts (probably), there will be scantily clad people. See, I'm already using low woman-insulting tactics to get you to come back.

Before other women find me and bludgeon me to death with a copy of Queen's Blade. (speaking of, anyone speak Japanese? can you translate the game menus for me? I really want to play the game) I guarantee there will be pretty boys and burly men as well, because though women hate to admit it, Sex sells to BOTH genders and its no different in games.

I must go now because I've had multiple DSs shoved in my face for help with levels on multiple games but come hell or high water, even if I have to stay up all night I will write this because it needs to be said and I want to say it.


Anonymous said...

This never happened? :o(

Sihaya said...

I wasn't even aware anyone ever bothered coming here so I've slacked off and not bothered to finish all my half started pieces. But, cant dissapoint the 1 person who read this, so I'll update soon with all my previously promised posts.