Monday, March 15, 2010


So being that I came into gaming late, I missed the whole Pokemon rage in the 90's.  While I eventually watched some of the cartoon I never really cared to try any of the games. Then Platinum came out and my girls wanted to try it so I got Platinum, then I got Diamond and Pearl. Then we all clocked over 100 hours each playing. So of course we were all really excited for HG/SS. Not only because they are new but because they are remakes of what appears to be the best Pokemon games made.

So far, not disappointed, I'm enjoying HeartGold more than I did Platinum, I just wish Joey would stop calling me every half hour. seriously, its like drunk-dialing, just as frequent and just as annoying. Of course I also have my mom scamming my cash every time I get it. Oh and my character looks like a mutated midget Pippi Longstocking. But other than that, I'm good.

Also, I love naming my Pokemon, it proves how childish and unimaginative I am.
Here are some examples:

Male and Female Ghastlys: Boo and Bea....yeah put those together, mature huh?
Sentret named Pooh
Hoot Hoot named Hootie
Spinarak named Webbie
Chikorita named Chiquita

and in Platinum my starter was a Chimchar named MonkeyButt..

I'm such a child lol

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