Thursday, March 11, 2010

We interrupt you're regularly scheduled program....

in order to post about the cuteness that is my son...

   So everyone thinks their kids are the cutest and the smartest, I know this, however, my kids are the cutest and the weirdest.

   I was playing Fallout 3 while my son watched and advised me last night. NO, really, he was explaining things to me and telling me what I should do next. As if I didn't say this enough, I just want t0 say he's 5, 5 almost 6 acts like he's 3 most of the time, except when it comes to video games. 

  He likes Fallout but due to the fact he can't read (well he can read like kindergarten books but that doesn't really count) he can't play so he is forced to just watch and play vicariously through his sisters and me.  

   Last night I fast traveled to, oh I don't even remember where, point is I had been there before. When I got there I got manhandled by some raiders. I yell at the TV (I do this A LOT) "WTF, didn't I kill you A-holes before?! My son doesn't miss a beat and says to me (in a tone of voice suggesting I'm a moron and a noob) "Mom, maybe the level reset, so now you have to kill them again." How very perceptive of him.

  Later I'm out collecting loot for profit and fun and I comment "I've gotta go to megaton soon." He replies, "yeah or you're going to get over encumbered."  The boy used the word "Froken" for "Broken" til last year and he still refers to cars as "car cars" most of the time, however he can say "over encumbered" AND knows what it means?

  After telling him he's adorable and poking him in the tummy to make him giggle for a while I continue onward in my adventures through the wasteland. As I hung out somewhere south of Raven Rock I apparently was wearing Scorpion pheremones because every damn Radscorpion in the game seems to have decided to come give me some luvin'.  As I spazz out and try to run and gun and stimpak myself as fast as possible my son says to me "use the Flamer you need to Flamer them, they don't like fire" I ignored him because he has a bizarre obsession with the flamethrower, but as I continue to get scorpion-handled I decide, "well, can't hurt" and started spraying fire like a madwoman. Wasn't I surprised when they dropped dead after a few seconds. My son of course looked over at me again, completely exasperated and at the same time smug and says "See mom, I told you to use the flamer. I was right."
  Yeah yeah you little smart ass...

   So, instead of  a strategy guide or a wiki, I will have my son sit with me and walk me through games because apparently, he is smarter than me and an idiot savant at fallout 3.


James Henderson said...

In fairness, my first playthrough of Fallout 3, after coming out of that place where you have the funny-ass 1940s dream thing (not sure if you're past that part, sorry for the spoiler if you aren't), but after that I couldn't fast travel AT ALL. Well, I could but whenever I regained control, if it wasn't inside a town, there were ALWAYS 2 Giant Radscorpions waiting for me.

Completely ruined the game for me tbh :P

But yeah, go kid! Guess grown-up games can help kids learn after all. So long as he doesn't turn into a mini-pyro, steal your cig lighter and hairspray and have a field day with it, that is.

Sihaya said...

Tranquility Lane, yeah I did that pat already, so no spoiler :)
If 2 radscorpions followed me everywhere I'd stop playing too. I HATE them almost as much as I hate Centaurs and their icky spit stuff.

Well, one can only hope he won't be a little Pyromaniac, but he was incredibly helpful. I was impressed with his grasp of the game.

Shame he's too little to play, he'd probably kick ass at it.