Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hola people! A little about a little

    I have absolutely, positively, nothing of any interest to say today. (you've been warned)

So why am I posting?
   'Cause I can. The joy of the internet, you can say whatever the hell you want whenever you want (as long as no one you know reads your boss...fortunately being unemployed I have no drama and this blog being about gaming, I haven't written anything to be shamed with).

   Long long ago, I had said my kids wanted to write on here...They did write a little something, but I never got around to posting it, so I'm thinking of digging it up and posting it. I just feel that they sound "coached" or something, they aren't, but you know, when I was their age, I deified my mom and she didn't even play video games with me lol.

    Months and months ago I had started taking notes for a BIG PIECE (I was feeling bad-ass back then) about Castlevania. and since I'm lazy, I procrastinate and I am a completely anal-expulsive, it never happened. (for those of you giggling, its a psychological term, obviously the opposite of anal-retentive. Yes, I actually took a year of psychology and I hated every single solitary moment of it)  An anal expulsive personality is broadly defined as exhibiting cruelty, emotional outbursts, disorganization, self-confidence, (sometimes) artistic ability, generosity, rebelliousness and general carelessness. While I'm not particularly cruel and my artistic ability is questionable, I am pretty disorganized and careless.
    So recently I found my stack of notebooks (because I always misplace them and have to start a new one) and I fully intended to actually work on it but of course, I ended up laying in bed, still in my nightgown watching reruns. I can't even use the kids as an excuse, they are at their grandparents house all week. So, I'll get to it in the next decade...maybe....

     Game-wise, I haven't really played much of anything aside from Puzzle Quest. Not that I don't have plenty to play, I just don't feel motivated, which is funny since I ma currently kid free and have no excuse to not play. I haven't even set up my Poke Walker for Pokemon SoulSilver and I need to transfer my stuff from my Poke Walker to HeartGold. I've just watched my kids play Fallout and Burnout.
     I've controlled my shopping as well, aside from 4 game guides (Scribblenauts for my son, Style Savvy for me and the girls...ok its not really a game guide, more like a book showing every single article of clothing in every single color available, Pokemon HeartGold SoulSilver Johto Region.....can't wait til the end of the month to buy the Kanto Region one too, and Infinite Undiscovery). But I haven't bought any new games since my last binge...oh wait...I did get the new Mass Effect DLC, Kasumi's Stolen Memories, but that's it. I've been focusing on game guides.

    Now I know a lot of gamers look down on people who buy game guides for many reasons...
One of the top reasons I've heard is that "real" gamers don't use game guides. I think ya'll know how I feel about that whole "real gamer" thing.
Another one I've heard is "haven't you heard of the Internet and GameFAQs?" My answer to that is...yes, yes I have. I have literally HUNDREDS of GameFaqs walkthroughs saved on DVD, and while I go to them when I'm stumped they just can't replace a strategy guide. Why? you may ask.Well....

    Lets start with a game guide that I own that is falling to pieces... Oblivion....
The Oblivion game guide while incredibly in depth and helpful (total lifesaver at times) also made wonderful reading material. I found myself reading it just for the joy of reading the quests like little stories. It was also put together in a helpful, entertaining and beautiful way. While I read Morrowind's guide cover to cover as well and it had humor and interesting stories, it just wasn't written as cohesively as Oblivion's.
     But, you may say, not ALL guides cover a game of that scope so they can't all be a collection of short stories.
Yes, you are right, not all game guides are created equal for many reasons.
    So lets take on another thing that to me makes a game guide worth buying. I'll use the Scribblenauts guide as an example. 
Now, I personally don't need a guide to Scribblenauts, my son however is 5, he does. Not only does the guide offer him visuals with pictures of the levels and such, but it also came with a cute little fold out poster. First thing my son did when I gave him the book was decide where to put up his Maxwell poster. He was totally gleeful about the book and the poster. Then we have Style Savvy. NO ONE actually NEEDS a game guide for this game, that's why thats not what its called, its called a "Look Book" and for once, truth in advertising, It gives you ALL the looks from the game and a little box in the corner of each to check off what you've already bought. We get to see how many things we have left to buy or to create to fill our closet, to check out the outfits and talk about which ones we like and stuff, its totally girly and totally fun. 
    And Finally we have guides like Infinite Undiscovery. While I'm pretty sure I can get through the game w/o a guide, I do know that there are a lot of situations where in order to get info in the game you need to be linked to a specific party member, but you don't know who. This book will tell me who. That right there is useful info,  as is the world map it brings.

    But to make it all really really simple...
Even the worst game guide (worst as in really light on secrets and help) usually offer beautiful images, artwork etc.  I happen to like flipping through them and admiring the art. So, I buy game guides, and I'll continue to do so, because they are pretty cheap on Amazon and they are fun to own. 

Talking about Style Savvy just made me want to really go back to my store "Gunn-ho" to sell over-priced outfits to silly girls. 

Well lets see if I can motivate myself to get things done.


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