Monday, April 12, 2010

Dante's Inferno

     I live a life of sickly leisure. Meaning, I don't work, I do very little housework and I lounge around popping pain pills like candy in between popping anti-crazy pills most of the time.
For this and many other reasons I live the life of a virtual hermit, avoiding daylight like I'm one of Dracula's brides  and preferring the week long wait for a new game ordered off Amazon to actually interacting with the unwashed, unintelligent masses at the mall. 
     I can go weeks without seeing a single human being that does not share a last name with me. While this might sound incredibly depressing to some (most) I have learned not only to deal with it, but to rather enjoy it 99% of the time. It gives me a chance to think, play games, read a book etc. Due to my obsession with games it also gives me tons of time to read about them and to find out about games that aren't all that popular (but should be).

    Where am  going with this? Well, if you bear with me just a bit longer, I'll tell you...

     Having all this time on my hands I find myself roaming the net for amusement (minds out of the gutter people) and having found said amusements I have my own little internet routines, however, I won't bore you with a play by play and just get to the main reason I'm explaining this. Mondays and Wednesdays at around noon are sacrosanct to me. Why? Because on Mondays  The Escapist posts Unskippable and on Wednesdays its Zero Punctuation
     For those of you who might not have heard of these 2 hilarious pieces of game-related media. I'll give a quick and dirty explanation:

      Unskippable takes video games' unskippable cinematics and makes them hilariously watchable by adding amusing commentary.
      Zero Punctuation features fast talking Yahtzee Croshaw ripping apart games with his scathing reviews, which are given in hilariously evil comedic cartoon form with appropriately funny visuals and no sugar coating. Most of the time, he's pretty much on target with his reviews.

     So, today is Monday which meant a new episode of Unskippable for me to watch and get my daily does of laughter. What game was on todays mocking menu? Dante's Inferno. Like Mana from the heavens. (not the RPG type or the Visual-Kei kind of Mana, though those are awesome too). 

     Now, I know, I've given my own impressions of Dante's Inferno when I played the demo on the 360, and because I had posted that I didn't bother to post when I decided to wade deeper into this monstrosity on my PSP. I also didn't bother rehashing it when Yahtzee did his review not so long ago (you should check it out if you haven't seen it):

   Today however, feeling dead tired and achy from a bizarre cleaning frenzy I went into yesterday I sat down to see what wonders Unskippable would hold today. I was not was..Well, obviously, Dante's Inferno.

   Once I stopped laughing uncontrollably I decided that I wanted to expand a bit more on my brief and painful experience with Dante's Inferno....

TBC- Break Time

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