Monday, May 24, 2010

Color me Lazy and Changeable

What have I been doing throughout this blog silence?
Playing games of course.
Have I finished writing...ANYTHING? Of course not.
How can I write when I can waste most of my times singing off key in Lips, being annoyed by Claptraps in Borderlands and now killing horse after horse in Red Dead Redemption?

I've got a list of things to do but...gaming is so much more fun.
I'm starting to think I'm really a 12 yr old boy trapped in a 32yr old mom's body, lol.

I will eventually get around to actually writing something worth the game reviews that have piled up, the DI thing that looms over me, the hot guy thing from when I first started my blog and the adventures of my pretty red PS3 controller...not to mention the adventures of my overweight Avatar in Playstation Home.
But for right now...I have more horses to skin, cars to crash, people to kill and ears to make bleed.

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