Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hi, Hello, I suck!

Yes Yes...Still no damn Inferno..I know. Beat me with a wet noodle.

You know me, I like to go on and on and on forever and beat you down with Wikipedia and a though I know I can probably shoot this thing out now, I won't be happy with it cause its not as researched as I would like. Its quite a daunting task I've given myself this time.

But, I'm not here to talk about that least not this minute, what might happen later...well who knows...When your day starts with getting very up close and personal with a school bus you never know what could happen later. But, I digress....

If you haven't noticed over yonder ----------------------------->
I gots me a new addition to my blog and my home...That's right! i FINALLY got me a PS3!!!!! Happy day. My Xbox360 got a lil jealous but I assured it it will alway be my baby and it has begrudgingly agreed to share my TV with its arch nemesis.

So, yeah..I got me a PS3 and a grand total of ONE game. Which game? This will amuse you; Well, maybe not the game itself but the reasoning behind it. Better get know how I tend to go on and on. Why say something in a sentence when you can write a novella?

For those with short attention spans: I bought inFamous. You can stop here, the rest is just details.

The story of inFamous (no not the plot, MY plot)

Alrighty then, long long ago there was talk of this game named inFamous and I didn't really care. I saw some screenshots and found myself wondering why is Starkiller wearing a yellow jacket? Everyone was excited, there was much hoopla. This game was a PS3 exclusive so, meh, what did I care? Now the Xbox didn't want to feel left out and it came out with Prototype. This time I felt meh in general, all I thought was That guys arm reminds me of Ian Stone.

Then I watched both of these:

I laughed, a lot, but I was still not interested.
So why did I buy this game?
It was one part price, one part zappy powers and one part...well...this:


That has NOTHING to do with inFamous does it?
Well, now you see how my odd little mind works. After watching those reviews, reading about both games and watching Unskippable I decided that Cole was more likeable than Alex Mercer.

Yeah, I bought inFamous as my very first PS3 game because it was $29.99, I get to zap people like I'm a Sith while wearing a snazzy yellow jacket (are yellow jackets "in" right now? 'Cause I know that the guy whose name I don't care to remember from Dead Rising 2 is ALSO wearing a snazzy yellow jacket) and Alex Mercer is a dick.

I will say that I don't regret the purchase though. Even though I suck at it and I've dropped Cole into the harbor so many times he should be nothing but ashes by now I find the game pretty cool. I just gotta learn to stop spazzing out and spinning in circles zapping everything. Also, I wish he didn't run and stand all crouched over like he's got stomach cramps...Not only that but with the poor posture and the gravely voice I keep waiting for him to say "I'm the best at what I do" 

Meanwhile, instead of finishing that Inferno thing, or that other thing I don't even remember what it was about or why I was gonna write it, I've been playing Lips (WHAT? I like Karaoke) and Dragon Age: Origins.

Alistair is soooo dreamy.


mrslilypond said...

for whatever reason, I can't find your email and I have news, big, humongous news.

Sihaya said...

I have emailed you, so spill it sister!

Anonymous said...

I had InFamous for the better part of a year and never finished it.

I have the PC version of Prototype on my hard drive and I haven't finished it either.

Both games seem good on paper, but the reality is is that for the most part, the characters do absolutely nothing to help you emphasise with their position, to help you like them. I got to the second area in InFamous and just quit because Cole was such a douchebag. Prototype, I don't know what happened there but I think it had something to do with buying Team Fortress 2.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the PS3. The only game I really wanted for it is called Nobi Nobi Boy. It's some weird Japanese game that's on the PSN. Kind of pointless for me to buy a system for a $5 game though. Enjoy your new found glory.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous, there's a load of great titles out for PS3 that's well worth investing in, but definitely, never buy a console because there's only one game you like on it.

If you're interested I think there's some sort of version of it for the ipod Touch/iPhone though, might be worth a Google search if you have one already.