Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Put the Pokewalker down slooooowly and step away Sir.

As I've said before, Gaming is kind of new to me I started "seriously" gaming in 2002. My husband on the other hand, being ancient (kidding honey!), played Pong when it came out though he doesn't game much these days. He played Pokemon back when it was new and there were only 100 Pokemon to catch on the lovely dim green and black screen of a Gameboy. I on the other hand remember the commercials on tv and thinking "man that looks lame".

While on occasion I've watched the anime, I had never been inclined to play a Pokemon game, I think its Pikachu's fault, I can't STAND Pikachu. When Pokemon Platinum came out my kids wanted to play it, being the oh so wonderful (sarcasm) mom I am, I obliged them. They wanted me to play too so they could trade Pokemon with me, I obliged them. Soon my husband would come home from work to find 4 of us lounging around in my bedroom glued to our handhelds. He being the only one with out a DS, PSP, Gameboy or anything else felt a lil left out of it all but he took it with good grace, even occasionally helping me level up Pokemon by grinding around the same patch of grass for an hour or so. From Platinum we expanded to Diamond and Pearl and thick Game Guides. Then HeartGold and SoulSilver were announced and of course it was an instant DO WANT! for our household.

Now, the big draw is the whole Pokewalker thing...take a pokemon with you and find stuff and pokemon while getting off your lazy butt. Yeah, well, being lazy I found a few ways around the walking thing...
1. just hold them in my hand and march them while I watch TV.
2. Give em to my girls to wear while they do chores.
and my personal favorite
3. Give my son some Coke or Candy or anything caffeinated and/or high in sugar and then clip on the pokewalkers and let him go. He bounces off the ceiling and walls and I rack up the steps.

My Husband has on occasion done me the favor of marching one in his hand while we watch TV, but mostly, he just looks at me pumping my arms with a bemused smirk on his face. Every night as I pop in one game cartridge and then the other, moving my Pokemon, letting the kids know what the haul was for the day he just looks at me like I'm insane. So, I tried to explain to him about how the steps give you watts and the watts let you catch Pokemon on the walker and find stuff and unlock other paths to walk your Pokemon on. He kind of got it but still thought I was a total dork marching around with a pokewalker on each hip.
Then yesterday things got weird....

I was playing HeartGold while every so often stopping to swing my pokewalker around for a bit when my husband offered to walk them for me. I was a little surprised but handed them over. I stepped outside to have a cigarette and came back to find...
My daughter and my husband jogging in place while watching Law and Order and counting backwards from 5,000... They spent the last 10-15 minutes of the show pacing, jogging, marching it was hilariously weird. My daughter decided she was done and passed on the walker to her sister. My husband refused to let his go...He was supposed to go to the store but he kept putting it off, because he needed "A few more steps"...he considered putting them on wristbands while he played Drums in Guitar Hero (I told him that wouldn't work). As he talked to me he alternated between holding it in his hand and swinging it and clipping it to his jeans and walking in place, bouncing around and jogging. You have not seen hilarious til you see my spastic husband bouncing around the room with his hair flopping around (he's a got a strange mullet-ish thing going on).

Finally he went to the store...while wearing the Pokewalker of course. On his return he gave it to me proudly so I could see all the steps he had taken. I told him I was impressed and that I was going to try to catch some Pokemon...WRONG thing to say.
First, he looked at me with confusion, then he looked shocked, then he looked at me like I was crazy and finally...he glared at me. All those steps...All those Watts and now I was just going to waste them!!!!! I said "well why do you think I walk them? To get stuff!" He seemed so crushed, so I put the walker down. As soon as I put it down he picked it up again and started walking it. He continued to mess wit hit until we decided to play Borderlands together at which point he called my daughter and asked her to find him some rubber bands or something. When I asked him why he looked at me like the answer was obvious "I'm going to put them on my fingers and see if I can get more points while we play"

That's when I realized the man had lost his mind. I told my daughter to forget about the rubberbands and run away... and I attempted to get the walker back from my now slightly deranged husband. You ever try to take food away from a puppy when its eating? Yeah...I decided to let him hold them a little longer. He was in mortal fear that I would 'waste" all his hard work.
We played Borderlands til we started falling asleep around 1 am, at which point I asked him for the pokewalkers.He seemed reluctant to hand them over until I assured him I would not use any of the Watts on them, at which point he handed me a bandanna. When I opened it I found them inside. I'm not sure where he had them or why they were in a bandanna but I was afraid to ask. I patted him on the head and told him he did a good job and set them down. I went out to smoke, came back in and he was asleep. I'm about to return the Pokemon back to their games, watts intact...I'm thinking I should hide them tonight...They do strange things to people...


Jim said...

I had no idea pokemon were that addictive...although I have another friend who blogs about them all the time. she is Australian and is obsessed with pokes and kirby and Falcon.

I may have to try them out...but then i would have less time for my other obsessions.

MMOs and RPGs and horror games.

Sihaya said...

As I said, I never had an interest in it and basically started playing to humor the kids but...once you just HAVE to catch 'em ALL!!! lol