Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Games are making me a hypocrite

So, I've been thinking about all the stuff I want to write about and all the things I could write about and realized...I still love the name of my blog, but I don't talk about the kids all that much, do I? I decided that I'd look at whats going on between our family and games.

How my opinions and viewpoints and feelings on certain points have been utterly knocked on their ass by my opinions and views on games and game content. I'm actually sorta amazed at how well my kids have managed to make sense of all of my contradictory statements and I have to blush at my inconsistencies. Yet another instance where I underestimate the tiny humans' ability to comprehend and catalog.

Right now I'm working on lining up some of the games that my family not only play often but that REALLY show the confused mentality that goes on in my tiny head.
Honestly, if a game loving person like me that plays a wide range of games on multiple platforms and that takes pride in teaching the next generation of gamers has a hard time reconciling some of the actions and concepts I condone in games that I condemn in reality and wonder how my children are going to "get" what I'm saying, its no wonder that people outside of gaming have a hard time with the little bits of information on gaming out there, and are quick to raise an outcry of "Obscene" "Violent" and "think of the children!".

I'm gonna be a busy girl for a much back-logged work and ideas...and so much stuff lying around I can't actually see my desk..but give me time, I'll sort it all out.

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Jim said...

The kids can surprise you at video games. while the girls sit and play with dolls some times and they can also out do the boys at soccer and baseball when they give their all and at video games watch out.

one of my cute little nieces was always the winner at the violent games. She loved to kill us all and at Battlefield we needed to gang up on her just to survive.

Now she is in drama club and playing the lead part in musicals.

I think violence in games helps to relieve stress for both the parents and the children.

looking forward to your next idea