Monday, October 4, 2010

Time to rethink my Xbox love

While I own all 3 consoles, I do not love them equally. My eldest child is my pride and joy, my 360 Elite. We've had good times, (like that one time we played Oblivion for like 8hrs straight and the 16hr Ultimate alliance Marathon and most recently my all night Borderlands session in the Circle of Duty)
We've hit a rough patch as the time right before (like a week) before fable 2 came out when everything on screen went Green and red and I had to pay $100 to get it fixed...I was like a zombie for that week and a half waiting for it to come home, holding my sad and lonely copy of Fable 2.
But after that, we kissed and made up and its been my faithful companion....til now.

So, you know, Kinect is coming out and for some reason this means the dashboard needed to be retooled with more realistic avatars or some such crap. I was one of the many to become Beta testers...not for Kinect, oh HELL NO, they must have written in bold print that WE WOULD NOT GET A KINECT DEVICE AND DID WE UNDERSTAND THAT...No, not for Kinect, just for the Yeah. right away, I was totally not liking the slight color changes, then I discovered that none of my purchased avatar stuff worked...not til after the beta (untrue, 1 purchased outfit worked and only one). But these are just minor annoyances.

Today, I decide to get the new Castlevania trailer and play something. As i'm browsing the dashboard, the screen went black...then a little sliver of the dashboard could be seen on the side of the TV. WTF?
I turned the xbox off, waiteda few minutes and turned it on...what do I see? 3 red lights....
I scream and pull my hair and try again...same thing.
I cry and try again....same thing...
I get the idea to remove the hard driveand try...Oh glorious green!
I turn it off, put in the hard drive and try again...back on red.
I vent my rage on Twitter...and support is on me like white on rice...their suggestion? pay them $100 to fix it.

EXCUSE ME??????????????
aside from a crapped out video card my xbox has never even hinted at a red light. Try the beta..get a red light...take out the hard drive, get a green light...put it back in, get a red light...and they want me to pay to fix it.
You know, I'd be more willing to pay it if it HAD been my fault, or if my console overheated, but that isn't the case. Not to mention, I don't have the money right now. I got kids and kids are expensive.
So, I guess i'll be cancelling my pre-orders for Fable 3 and Fallout.
I'm also thinking that its time I switch favorite children.

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SoulChaser said...

I switched my favourite over to the Playstation 3 about 2 years ago. My 360 died once before, and it was a horrible experience, so I avoid buying games for it or using it for the most part. I only get exclusives for it now, and my Playstation 3 has the burden of being my primary console. Hell, even my Wii gets more attention than my 360 now.